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VICO what is

What is a VICO?

VICO = Shared Housing

VICO independent


Here live exclusively students and young professionals. Normally, the owner of the VICO doesn't life here.

VICO family


In this VICO lives a family, which shares its spaces with students and young professionals.

Why search with VICO?

VICO safe

safe and high quality VICOs

Every VICO is visited and validated by our team

VICO friend

New friends from other cultures

Become a part of the VICO-Family and meet new friends from other cultures

VICO flexibility

Flexibility for you

Book your room online or arrange an appointment to visist the VICO

Why publish on VICO?

VICO risk

You don't take any risk

publish on VICO is completely free

VICO stay

Prolonged stays

You don't host tourists but students or young professionals

VICO earning

Maximize your profit

Rent per room and earn up to 40% more

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Is part of the Medellin incubation network

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