Colombian Cédula de Extranjería – The 11 Steps to get it.

Passport and other documents and identity cards

Here is everything you need to know about the Cédula de extranjería: what it is, how to get, how much it is… What is the Cédula de Extranjería? Thanks to the cédula de extranjería, you can travel through Colombia without having to take your original passport with you. The cédula de extranjería is a card … Read more

Shared Flat in Colombia – 7 unique features of VICOs

Group of young friends having fun while watching tv and drinking beers at home in their shared living

Shared flat: Cultural differences in Medellín Arriving in a new city or a new country always includes confrontations with a different culture. Changes can be really small, like colors of the traffic signs on the streets or a different style of food. They can be bigger though: Norms, values and people’s behavior can change significantly … Read more

Metrocable in Medellín – Everything you need to know

Metrocable Medellin Colombia, Public transportation system that transports people in cabins hanged to a cable rope to get through the beautiful green mountains

The Metrocable – one of the most innovative transportation systems in the world. Besides being the only Colombian city with a metro system, Medellín also has other transportation means: Metroplús, Tranvía, Encicla, Buses, and the Metrocable which we develop in this article. As you might have understood, public transportation in Medellín is a big topic … Read more

Safety in Medellin – The 10 ultimate tips to enjoy your stay

Man stealing the wallet of a tourist from the back pocket of his trousers without the victim noticing. Warning - thieves and pickpocket in the night city.

Everything you need to know to stay safe in Medellin Medellín is a city that has had many changes during its history, including concerning the security. Indeed, it went from being one of the most dangerous cities in the world to the most innovative. There are malicious people everywhere and Medellín is no the exception. … Read more

Vivienda compartida (VICO) – 5 mandamientos para una VICO feliz

Grupo multiétnico de amigos jovenes que se divierten en su vivienda compartida mientras compartiendo una comida y vino en la casa acogedora. Están discutiendo y riendo mientras el sol entra por la ventana durante la puesta del sol.

A continuación le presentamos nuestros consejos para evitar conflictos en su VICO Las experiencias más inolvidables que tendrás cuando llegues a Medellín las vivirás junto a tus compañeros de VICO (vivienda compartida), Es normal cuando compartes alojamiento con personas que no son tus parientes, volverse mucho más abierto y tolerante, sin embargo esto también representa ciertos … Read more

Spanish Learner – I Am the Worst Spanish Speaker in South America

Caucasian girl standing in front of a brick wall holding a sign saying "Learn Spanish"

I Am the Worst Spanish Speaker in South America Today we have a special guest in our blog, Sophie. She is our new roomie in our VICO. She traveled South America the past months to finally arrive in Medellín. Today she tells us about the experiences she lived being the worst Spanish speaker in the whole … Read more