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student housing in Bogota

Accommodation for students in Bogota – What you need to know

Looking for student housing in Bogota? Will you be studying your university degree in Bogota? Congratulations! You have chosen the best educational place in Colombia, with more than 150 university centers, a wide range of curricula and, best of all, a welcoming urban environment. The success of your career must be accompanied by the best

Everything you need to know about Student Housing in Medellín

Accommodation for students in Medellin – What you should know

The quality of the universities in Medellín is one of the reasons why this city hosts so many students. Coming from other cities and countries, they arrive in search of housing. Long before starting their academic life, reviewing the options of residence is a fundamental task for a successful start. As a student, the alternatives

¿Cómo puedo quedarme más tiempo en Colombia? (Tipos de Visas)

How can I stay longer in Colombia?

How can I stay longer in Colombia? This is a very frequent question from foreigners, who normally enter the country with a passport as tourists, obtaining a limited stay in terms of time (90 days) and activities to develop (only tourism). Now, how can they extend their stay? If you are one of those foreigners

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Tips for Hosts

How to pay my rent with VICO?

In order to pay your rent, log in to getvico.com with your user. Enter into the menu and select “Dashboard”. Afterwards click on “Pay monthly rent”. ¡Select the payment method thats fits best your needs! Wire transfer – An easy solution for the ones with Colombian bank accounts Pay your rent via a wire transfer to our

a girl is sitting on a garden chair in her patio? she is making a virtual video call with her computer

Virtual visit – Find your room to rent online with VICO

Finding a room to rent on the internet can be tricky. Pictures don’t always speak for themselves. Indeed, pictures could be false, they can be blurry, not representative of the whole place… It’s just not optimum. That is why we got you the best solution: a virtual visit! Instead of getting out of your house,

Home Aerial view of the busy streets of Bogota and its buildings by night

Barrios of Bogota – How to choose the right neighborhood for your home?

Choosing the neighborhood you’re going to live in a city you don’t know is hard, isn’t is? And you should know that as a newcomer in Bogota, some areas are better than others. That’s why we’ll give you information on the neighborhoods of Bogota where VICO has a greater presence because of the benefits they

vista aerial de Bogota Colombia de dia

5 reasons for living in a shared housing in Bogota

Maybe you’re not thinking about a shared housing for your accommodation in Bogota. Living alone sure has its advantages! But here’s why you should at least consider living with roommates. 1. No room for loneliness – You arrive alone but you don’t stay alone Because Bogota is the capital of Colombia, and a great city

View of the urban buildings of the city of Medellin Colombia on a beautiful day with the mountains in the background.
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Barrios of Medellin – How to choose the right neighborhood for your home?

Choosing the neighborhood you’re going to live in a city you don’t know is hard, isn’t is? So let us make it simple for you: some neighborhoods are better than others to live in as a newcomer. That’s why we’ll give you information on the neighborhoods of Medellín where VICO has a greater presence because

Aerial View of the Poblado neighborhood in Medellin Colombia during sunset with the mountains on the backgroung
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5 reasons for living in a shared housing in Medellín

1. Avoid loneliness – You arrive alone but you don’t stay alone You may not have considered the option of a shared housing for your accommodation in Medellin. Living alone sure has its advantages! But here’s why you should at least think about living with roommates. Because of all the opportunities Medellín has to offer,

Modern and beautiful interior of a living room with a big window allowing the light to enlighten the whole room during sunset
VICO Hosts

VICO vs Airbnb in Medellín – What option suits you best?

Airbnb and VICO satisfy very different needs. We suggest which option to choose according to your profile. One of the coolest aspects of the collaborative economy is finding furnished apartments in Medellín at low cost. Airbnb is very popular and we all know how useful it can be, especially if you travel the world changing

Young caucasian man looking for a room in a home on a housing website with a laptop while lying on his bed at home.

How to find a room or apartment for rent in Medellin – 2020

Searching for a room for rent in Medellin can be very difficult due to lack of information and trust. But you’re good! In this article we help you to find the best option for you! Before you start looking for a room, you have to know what you’re looking for. The most important criteria to

Plants behind wooden bed near hammock with pillows in natural bedroom interior with posters on white wall
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Tips to find the room that fits your needs in Medellin – 2020

Looking for room to rent in Medellín? Here are tips to find the perfect housing and the ideal environment to live a unique experience. You can follow several basic steps that will save you time and work if it’s your first time in Medellín. 1st feature: Filter by address, university or point of interest The

Deposit refund VICO rento room medellin

How to get your deposit back with VICO?

1. What is a deposit and why do you pay it? It’s a sum of money you pay when booking your VICO. If no incident happened during your stay, you’ll get your deposit back when you leave the VICO.  In short, it is a guarantee for you and for the landlord of the VICO. For

One guy on a bed and a girl at the desk in a beautiful studio with modern decoration


Indie Studio is the most colorful building in Laureles. Designed for independent creators, it occupies 80% of its beautiful studios, while the hospitality sector in the city does not exceed 2%. Creative universe, rainbow of laurels and coliving of creators are just some of the most used names to refer to INDIE STUDIO. It is

Coronavirus prevention Medellin VICO
VICO Hosts

Urgente: Como podemos enfrentar el coronavirus juntos.

El coronavirus es un tema que nos preocupa a todos y aún no podemos decir con certeza cuáles implicaciones tendrá o cuánto tiempo va a durar esta crisis. Desde nuestra parte en VICO les aseguramos todo el soporte necesario para poder pasar por esta situación juntos. En lo siguiente les queremos dar unas recomendaciones general y

Funder of VICO in a 500 startups event in Mexico in 2019

15 things we learned this year building a company

Hey there! The year 2019 is almost over and has been a very exciting one for us in every sense. In the following we want to share some of our learnings and aspects which we want to make better the next year. Before we start:A big thank you to all of our friends, families, co-workers,

que es un coliving o vivienda compartida

7 reasons why Co-living is the future

No more than two years ago we were surprised by the term co-working, a shared work space, with everything you need to do your day-to-day work. But the shared economy brings us another concept, Co-living. Here we will give you 7 reasons why co-living is the future. Co-living is not a new issue, student residences

Locals of Medellín carrying colorful flowers for the Silleteros Parade during the Feria de las Flores in Medellin Colombia

Feria de las Flores 2019 – Program and Highlights

Feria de las Flores: Tradition and actuality. The Feria de las Flores in Medellín is one of the most anticipated events by the paisas in Antioquia. It’s a way of celebrating this culture of entrepreneurship, happiness and colourful traits that characterizes us. In addition to all of us, Antioqueños that live for this fair, thousands

Plaza de las luces by night in the center Medellin

Find your perfect internship in Colombia with Paisa Internship

Colombia has become a popular destination for international university students to do an internship. The leading agency that specializes in connecting these students with Colombian companies is Paisa Internship. We had the chance to interview Tom who gave us a better insight into what it is like doing an internship in Medellin. If you have

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VICO becomes part of the 500 Startups Accelerator Program.

VICO becomes part of the 500 Startups Accelerator Program VICO is excited to announce that we became part of the latest batch from 500 Startups’ Seed Accelerator based in Mexico City. The 500 Startups’ Seed Accelerator program provides mentorship for early-stage companies based in Latin America. After reviewing over 1,400 applications, 500 Startups LATAM started

Traveler packing his suitcase before going on a trip: open vintage suitcase with clothes, sunglasses, camera and vintage record player

Packing for Colombia – 10 objects you cannot forget

You may have already finished packing, but it never hurts to go through the “must-bring” list one more time to see if any of these things are missing in your luggage. As the saying goes, “better safe than sorry”. We asked several students who were in Medellín last semester for their suggestions on things that

A young attractive man is having a drink with a young Colombian girl. He is trying to seducing her. They are very close

10 Tips to meet paisa girls in Medellin

Who better than a real paisa would tell us what we can do or avoid doing when trying to win girls of the Antioquia capital. Aleja will help us with ten exclusive tips to meet and make paisa women to fall in love. First you must know that in Colombia it is said that the

Nice student bedroom on a university campus with a single bed, a big desk, a cupboard and a large window
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CompartoApto.com to find room in Medellín & Alternatives

Within all the options you have to find a room in Medellín, you can use CompartoApto Suddenly you have found many options when looking for a room for rent in the city of Medellin or maybe you have not found any … it may be that you have several but do not trust them. All

Colorful facades of a town's houses in Antioquia with colorful balconies and flowers in Antioquia Colombia

Antioquia’s towns – Best places to go for the week end

Discover the easiest and prettiest places to travel to in Antioquia When you live in Medellín, you get a lot of opportunities to travel in Antioquía. And as we explained in our article about travelling through Colombia, the country has the 2nd highest number of non-working holidays in the world. Hence, you should take advantage

Businessman working in the real eastate business showing the profit of the shared housing business with a calculator
VICO Hosts

VICOs: Shared housing as a business

Shared housing: a promising business With the increase of foreigners arriving in Colombia and Medellin, the housing sector is one of the most benefited, thanks to shared housing as a business. Whether it’s the friendliness of the people, the landscapes or the academic opportunities, people from all over the world come to Colombia and help

Beautiful sunset in Medellín Colombia seen from the south part of the city on December afternoon with the buildings of the Poblado neighborhood in the foreground and the mountains of Medellin in the background
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A room to rent near UdeA – Advantages and disadvantages

Find a room near the UdeA in Medellin What should I know before looking for a room to rent near the UdeA in Medellin? Source:udea.edu.co You are going to study at the UdeA in Medellin and you are looking for a room to rent in the neighborhood? Here is everything you need to know about

Group of 4 young caucasian men sitting at a top of a mountain near Medellin admiring the landscape and laughing together
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Shared apartment an experience to live Medellín

Medellín, the city of eternal spring, has managed to leave its past behind and become one of the trend cities. Not only in Colombia, but also in the whole world. The benefits of a shared apartment during the stay in the city of Medellín The development of the city, the quality of life, the friendliness

Pensive attractive millennial woman sitting alone on sofa in a living room at home thinking contemplating looking at window. She looks relaxed sad and melancholic
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Share a housing with VICO or live alone?

When we go to live in a different city or country we find ourselves with a frequent doubt about the place where we are going to live: will it be better to live alone or in a VICO? Today in VICO we bring you the advantages and disadvantages of each of these options so that

Empty chairs in the departure hall of an airport with the airport control tower and an airplane taking off during sunset

Airport in Medellín – The 3 best ways to get to the city

Here are the cheapest and easiest ways to get from Medellin’s airport to the center of the city. Firstly,  you should know that Medellín has two airports. On one hand, there is Olaya Herera, which is located in the south-west of the city and is not very used. On the other hand, there is the

List of all the paisa words used in Medellin. The background is a picture of colorful colonial style balconies with flowers and flags in the village of Salento Colombia
Indispensable Information

Paisa vocabulary you need to know to speak in Medellin

How do they speak in Medellin? You probably traveled to Medellín thinking that it would be easy to survive with the Spanish you already know. But what you were not expecting is that some of the words used here mean something completely from what you have learned. This is the reason why VICO brings you

silhouettes of a crowd during a concert in front of bright stage lights, everyone has his hands raised in the air dancing

Party in Medellín – Top 5 party zones to go out

If you were planning on partying during your stay in Colombia, you choose the right city. There are 5 principal zones to party in Medellín: Lleras, Barrio Colombia, La 33, La 70 and Las Palmas. The most popular is Lleras. They correspond to different budgets, so whatever the state of your bank account, you’ll find somewhere to party

Motion blurred morning buses riding in the city of Medellin

Bus in Medellín – The 2020 guide to use the bus in Medellín

How to use the bus in Medellín: routes, prices, apps… The bus system is one of the oldest transportation systems used in Medellín. Therefore, the bus network is very rich and developed. Over time, a large number of bus companies and routes have developed across the whole city. Indeed, you can move very easily in the center

Metroplús bus riding in the city of Medellin during the morning with the sunrise light

Metroplús Medellín – The ultimate guide for those new buses

The Metroplús: A combination of a bus, a tram and a metro. The Metroplús is a part of the innovative transportation system of Medellín. Actually, public transportation is a big topic of public administration in the city. Indeed, it is one of the fundamentals of the famous urban change of the city. As part of

Beautiful sunset in Medellín Colombia seen from the south part of the city on December afternoon with the buildings of the Poblado neighborhood in the foreground and the mountains of Medellin in the background
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Room near EAFIT in Medellin- What you need to know

Are you thinking of studying at EAFIT and looking for a room near the university? Here is all you need to know to find a room near EAFIT: The EAFIT university is located in the commune 14 “El Poblado“. However, there are multiple neighborhoods within this area. So the neighborhood you are looking a room in

Many old and new books in a vintage book shop or library

Fiesta del Libro y la Cultura in Medellin

Everything you need to know about la Fiesta del Libro y la Cultura in Medellin: The first version of la fiesta del libro (at that time fair) was held on March 12, 1993 but it was not constant every year because the conditions were different. This year the 12th version of la fiesta is celebrated

A couple is looking at the mountains of Medellin and the lights of the city during sunset at Las Palmas, one of the best viewpoints of Medellin

Lookouts in Medellín – Top 5 of the best spots to admire the city

Here are the best places to see the incredible panorama of the Aburra Valley and how to get there Medellín is geographically attractive since it is located in a valley. Thanks to that great location, the city offers a lot of impressive high lookouts from where you can admire the incredible landscape. The most popular lookouts

Taxi riding during the night with a focus on the yellow and black taxi light sign

Taxis in Medellin – How to easily use the Taxi system in the city

Everything you need to know about taxis in Medellin: In Medellín, taxis work with a taximeter calculating distance and time The minimum fare is $5.400 COP Apps to request a taxi: Easytaxi  It is better to take the taxi in a visible place and send someone the license plate in case you left something in

Woman holding her phone with a ride sharing app open to book a ride with Uber in Medellin

Uber in Medellín – What you need to know before using Uber in Medellín

Uber in Medellín Good service. Direct competition for taxi and undefined legal situation. Registration with cellphone number and credit card. Payment with credit card and cash. Variable rate depending on the demand and supply (on rush hour is expensive). App gives you an estimated rate. Uber arrived to the city of Medellín at the beginning

A handsome businessman holding a Civica card, the card that gives access to the public transportation in Medellin Colombia

Cívica Medellin – Use the Metro, Tranvia, Metrocable y Encicla

How to use your Cívica in Medellín: how to obtain it, prices, apps, transports… Move comfortably around the city with the Cívica The Cívica card is a replacement for the paper tickets. Its aim is to help the environment, the economy and also to ease the access to the Metro system. With this card, you can pay

Beautiful sunset in Medellín Colombia seen from the south part of the city on December afternoon with the buildings of the Poblado neighborhood in the foreground and the mountains of Medellin in the background
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Living in a room near the UPB – Advantages and disadvantages

What should I know if I am going to live in a room near the UPB? You are going to study at the UPB in Medellin and you are looking for a room to rent in the neighborhood? Here is everything you need to know about the area, its advantages and disadvantages and the facilities

Typical paisa food in Medellin, Colombia on a wood table: arepas and chicken, fish, meat, avocado, cheese, black beans and pork to eat with the arepas.

Paisa food – Discover the traditional food in Medellín

When you visit a new city, one of the most frequent questions is “what do I eat there?”. Well, Medellín has a wide gastronomic variety with dishes that may seem a little bit strange to you at first. However, we’re sure that once you will have tried it you will love it. Today VICO will tell

Stressed man because he has to pay all the bills. He is trying to calculate the amount to pay with all the receipts and a calculator.
Indispensable Information

The easiest and safest way to pay your bills in Colombia

One certain thing is that Colombia has its own way of paying bills. When you travel to another country, one of the most important things you should have in consideration is how to pay your bills and how the banking system works there. There are only very few companies that allow online payments here. In fact,

Aerial view of the buildings and the parks of the neighborhood El Poblado in Medellin Colombia during a sunny day

Parks in Medellín – Top 4 of the best parks in the city

Medellín is a city with spaces for everyone, either locals or foreigners, partiers or dreamers, big spenders or big savers. In the particular case of the parks, you will find the perfect one for you, whoever you are. Medellín has one for everyone. You’ll find from urban environments, classic, traditional and full of history, to

View of the buildings of Medellin, Colombia during a sunny day with the mountains in the background

Barrios in Medellín – Get to know the story of your barrio

Have you ever wondered about the history of the neighborhoods (barrios) of Medellín? Why are the names so different and how was their constitution? Today VICO helps you to know more about this city. Medellín is a city of 2,508,452 inhabitants (2017). They split in 20 institutional areas (universities, parks, etc.), 249 official urban barrios. In

List of all the paisa words used in Medellin. The background is a picture of colorful colonial style balconies with flowers and flags in the village of Salento Colombia

Paisa vocabulary you need to know to speak in Medellín – Part 2

We hope that our first Paisa vocabulary guide helped you and that you are having “una chimba” of time Medellín. If you already read the first article, you should understand the expression. If not, it’s fine… we forgive you and we give you an opportunity to read it here. You heard a lot of unknown

A girl and a woman looking with interest at art objects under glass in a museum in Medellin using guidebook

Museums in Medellín – The 9 most interesting of the city

Get to know the most interesting cultural spaces and museums in Medellín! The cultural offer in the Aburrá Valley is as wide and diverse as the ways to say “yes” in paisa. Therefore, we want to show you the most outstanding museums in Medellín that are definitely worth visiting. For example, have you ever been

Carnival of Barranquilla - Women dancing during a carnival dressep up with colorful costumes with rhinestones

Carnival of Barranquilla – One of the world biggest carnivals

The one who lives is the one who enjoys it. The next big Colombian party is coming. The Carnaval de Barranquilla will take place in the Colombian Caribbean coast, in the Golden Gate of Colombia, Curramba, la Bella: Barranquilla. The Carnaval de Barranquilla will take place from February 10 to 13. Due to its variety and

Big house decorated with lots of colorful lights for the Christmas Alumbrados show in Medellin Colombia

2017 Christmast lights in Medellin: A show you can’t miss!

About the 2017 Christmas lights: When, where, what? This year marks 50 years of the Christmas history with the lighting of the city. EPM is the company responsible for the assembly of the lighting. Each year the lighting has a specific theme, this year will be: “The family”. The Christmas lights decoration are pride and

Traveler planning a trip around Colombia with a world map with other travel accessories around.

Traveling around Colombia- How to plan your trip?

Once again: welcome to Colombia and especially to Medellín, friend! We hope that our previous tips on safety, what to bring and what to do in the city have been of great help to you all. Now, we would like to inform you about the Colombian calendar and give you some relevant tips to travel internally.

Young hipster girl with bright backpack enjoying the panoramic view of the mountains of Medellin, using a map to know where to go and what to do uring her first days in Medellin

What to do on your first days in Medellin?

Your departure to the city of the eternal spring is getting closer and closer? You already see yourself walking down the streets of Medellín? But are you sure you’re ready for your arrival? Don’t worry, VICO put together a list of things to visit but also to keep in mind while arriving in Medellín. -The

Female athlete posing to run in the streets of Medellin during a bright sunset with sports clothing such as a sport legging, sneakers and an arm running accessory.

Workout in Medellín – The best places to stay fit in Laureles

Between free outside gyms, stadiums, associations and gym clubs, Medellin offers all kinds of ways to stay fit. In order for you to break the routine while keeping a healthy life in your new city, VICO made a list of the best workout places in the neighborhood Laureles in Medellín. The city has multiple free

Encicla free bicycle station in Medellin Colombia with some bicycles parked in front of a park

EnCicla – The free bike system in Medellín

Move around the city for free and the easiest way thanks to Encicla Public bikes for the city Encicla is the public bike system of the Aburrá Valley, inaugurated on 2011. It is a proposal to position the bike as the sustainable, healthy, eco friendly and economic transport method that it is.For this reason, it is part of the SITVA sustainable

Football stadium 3D rendering at night with the green grass, the bleachers and the lights on the fiels with an orange filter.

Football in Medellín – Green or Red? Choose your team

For paisas, football is similar to a religion. Only the love they have for they family can exceed their passion for their team. As in every country in Latin America, Football in Medellín is the most famous sport. Football in Medellín: There are 2 big football teams in Medellín: Atletico Nacional (AN) and Independiente Medellín (DIM).

Passport and other documents and identity cards

Colombian Cédula de Extranjería – The 11 Steps to get it.

Here is everything you need to know about the Cédula de extranjería: what it is, how to get, how much it is… What is the Cédula de Extranjería? Thanks to the cédula de extranjería, you can travel through Colombia without having to take your original passport with you. The cédula de extranjería is a card

Tranvía in the center of Medellin, an innovative public transportation mean

Tranvía in Medellín – How to use it and 2020 prices

The Tranvía – A modern urban transport The Tranvía is a tram in Downtown Medellín that has only one line so far (but with more to come). However, it is part of Medellín’s plan to expand its infrastructure in order to make transports accessible to people from all social levels. Actually, public transportation in Medellín

Group of young friends having fun while watching tv and drinking beers at home in their shared living

Shared Flat in Colombia – 7 unique features of VICOs

Shared flat: Cultural differences in Medellín Arriving in a new city or a new country always includes confrontations with a different culture. Changes can be really small, like colors of the traffic signs on the streets or a different style of food. They can be bigger though: Norms, values and people’s behavior can change significantly

Metrocable Medellin Colombia, Public transportation system that transports people in cabins hanged to a cable rope to get through the beautiful green mountains

Metrocable in Medellín – Everything you need to know

The Metrocable – one of the most innovative transportation systems in the world. Besides being the only Colombian city with a metro system, Medellín also has other transportation means: Metroplús, Tranvía, Encicla, Buses, and the Metrocable which we develop in this article. As you might have understood, public transportation in Medellín is a big topic

Parque Berrío Metro station in Medellín next to Rafael Uribe Palace of Culture, Antioquia's Museum and the famous plaza Botero with all the sculptures of Botero

Metro in Medellín – The Ultimate guide

Metro: The key of public transportation in Medellín The city of the eternal spring is currently the only city of the country that has a metro system. It is one of the fundamentals of the famous urban change of the city. In fact, the city has an even bigger transportation system called SITVA (Sistema Integrado de

Happy group of friends having a party, laughing, drinking shots and listening to vintage vinyl disc albums at home in the shared housing
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Sharing a housing – a newborn system in Colombia?

The first steps of shared flats At present times, the tendency to share an apartment as a student is popular in Europe and North America. But it is not a trend that has recently emerged, but goes back in the history of society. However, after the Second World War was observed a boom in the

High Angle View Of Businesspeople's Hand sUsing Mobile Phones on a wood table

Mobile plan in Medellín – which plan better suits your needs?

Claro, Movistar, Tigo… Here are the different operators you can use during your stay in Colombia. When we leave our country of origin, one of the first things to do is buy a Mobile plan. It’s important to know how to communicate once we arrive to our destination. In each country the telephony code is

Hand holding a passport and money bills on the beach in front of the sea during sunset

Student Visa in Colombia: The Ultimate Guide

Student Visa in Colombia: PIP or TP? If you are looking for a Student Visa or Entry Permits in Colombia, it can be a little challenging as there are more than 16 different types of visas or permits. However, only 4 really matter if you are going to study or do an internship. We met with

Owner of a house welcoming his happy new guests by handing them the keys of their room in the shared living.

How to welcome your guests in your shared housing?

The welcome is important as this will be the student’s first impression of the environment and the people whom he will live with. But if it is a student from abroad, what is the best way to carry out this welcome? Welcome as first step Whether you have experience with VICOs or not, it sure

Owner of a house revising the contract and the co-living rules of his house with its new guest during his arrival in the shared housing

How to register your VICO guests since they are not tourists?

The registration process for your tenants is not the same as the one for tourists, so here is our registration guide to help you out. Non-tourists are increasingly common in large cities, due to the preference of tenants to have them instead of tourists, who represent only a short and limited stay. everytime more people

Minimal bedroom interior furnished with a double wooden bed with white pillows and plants, a white furry rug and modern wooden furniture surrounding the bed

How to give more value to your VICO?

You have probably already asked yourself what could increase the value of your VICO. That is why we want to tell you what you must take into account when giving value to the rooms. There are many questions that come when deciding a price for your rooms which is normal, especially if it is the

Publicity for VICO's student discounts for shops, bars, restaurants, activities in Medellin Colombia

Discount code for a VICO! How do I generate it?

Want a discount code on any VICO room to help your friends to find the perfect VICO while you earn extra money? As at VICO we greatly appreciate all our friends and users, we have decided to develop the option to create a discount code so you can help your friend or people you know,

Dirty kitchen with a lot of dirty plates and utensils in the sink, one of the biggest problem in a shared living

Inconveniences in your VICO that you can easily solve

Here are our tips to avoid problems between your guests in your shared housing. In VICO we want to avoid you inconveniences. That is why we are looking for promoting a cheerful and friendly environment by providing tips to prevent problems that may arise in your VICO. It is normal that when sharing spaces with

Beautiful clean kitchen well organized and equiped with all the utensils and condiments necessary to cook.

What makes a housing great for the shared living business (VICO)?

Here are important elements that make a house a great place for a VICO Have a VICO near strategic points such as universities or shared work spaces. However, the proximity to strategic points is not the only reason to have a VICO. Some make the decision because they don’t like to live alone and want

Aerial view of El Penol and Guatape with the blue lakes during a nice cloudy day in Antioquia, Colombia

A weekend in Antioquia – The four most beautiful villages to explore

Want to escape Medellin for a weekend without having to pay expensive fight tickets? Stay in Antioquia! We know that your adventurous spirit will take you beyond Medellín at some point (if it’s not already done). However, there usually is a problem when it comes to picking a destination. Indeed, most of us are very

Man stealing the wallet of a tourist from the back pocket of his trousers without the victim noticing. Warning - thieves and pickpocket in the night city.

Safety in Medellin – The 10 ultimate tips to enjoy your stay

Everything you need to know to stay safe in Medellin Medellín is a city that has had many changes during its history, including concerning the security. Indeed, it went from being one of the most dangerous cities in the world to the most innovative. There are malicious people everywhere and Medellín is no the exception.

Grupo multiétnico de amigos jovenes que se divierten en su vivienda compartida mientras compartiendo una comida y vino en la casa acogedora. Están discutiendo y riendo mientras el sol entra por la ventana durante la puesta del sol.

Vivienda compartida (VICO) – 5 mandamientos para una VICO feliz

A continuación le presentamos nuestros consejos para evitar conflictos en su VICO Las experiencias más inolvidables que tendrás cuando llegues a Medellín las vivirás junto a tus compañeros de VICO (vivienda compartida), Es normal cuando compartes alojamiento con personas que no son tus parientes, volverse mucho más abierto y tolerante, sin embargo esto también representa ciertos

Caucasian girl standing in front of a brick wall holding a sign saying "Learn Spanish"

Spanish Learner – I Am the Worst Spanish Speaker in South America

I Am the Worst Spanish Speaker in South America Today we have a special guest in our blog, Sophie. She is our new roomie in our VICO. She traveled South America the past months to finally arrive in Medellín. Today she tells us about the experiences she lived being the worst Spanish speaker in the whole