How to give more value to your VICO?

Minimal bedroom interior furnished with a double wooden bed with white pillows and plants, a white furry rug and modern wooden furniture surrounding the bed

You have probably already asked yourself what could increase the value of your VICO.

That is why we want to tell you what you must take into account when giving value to the rooms.

There are many questions that come when deciding a price for your rooms which is normal, especially if it is the first time you have a VICO, so you do not know what influences on the price.

When choosing a room, students always look for a perfect one. But what is the perfect room?

This varies because not everyone has similar tastes, and the rooms are in different sectors.

But despite that, there are rooms that are more in demand than others, making them the most expensive.

The space and the area to give more value to your VICO

Something that makes them more expensive is the space of the social areas and the rooms. That is, the wider the room and the social areas, the more expensive a room can be.

Another factor that can generate value to your VICO is the place where it is located.

But not only in this case we talk about specific neighborhoods for the social level, but for the facility that student may have to make purchases, use the public transportation system or go out to enjoy a weekend.

These are some of the factors when placing a price on your rooms.

But remember not to exceed, because many of your guests will be students and do not have the facility to pay exorbitant prices.

For you to have a clear idea we leave you a more detailed guide of how much is the value of an average room depending on what the VICO counts and the area of the city in which the VICO is located.

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