Room near EAFIT in Medellin- What you need to know

Beautiful sunset in Medellín Colombia seen from the south part of the city on December afternoon with the buildings of the Poblado neighborhood in the foreground and the mountains of Medellin in the background
Are you thinking of studying at EAFIT and looking for a room near the university?
Room near EAFIT in Medellin- What you need to know campuseafit
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Here is all you need to know to find a room near EAFIT:

  • The EAFIT university is located in the commune 14 “El Poblado“. However, there are multiple neighborhoods within this area. So the neighborhood you are looking a room in is “El Poblado”. It has the same name as the commune.
  • Finding a room near EAFIT is more complicated than in the rest of the city because the cost of living there is higher. That’s why it is not usual to be located specifically in the same neighborhood as the one of university. 
  • However, the housing prices in Colombia are usually lower than in other countries (in the USA or in Europe for example). Thus, the prices might be okay for you, it depends on the money your are willing to put in the rent. In a nutshell, you can still live in El Poblado for a reasonable price but you could find way cheaper in other parts of the city.
  • The students are usually located in the neighborhoods of Patio Bonito, La Florida or La Frontera. They sometimes even live in neighboring municipalities such as Envigado. This other commune borders El Poblado and offers better prices.
  • El Poblado is usually the go-to neighborhood for foreigners since it is one of the safest in Medellín and it has great places to eat and party.
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Transports near EAFIT university

  • The location of the university is key. Indeed, you can have access to downtown Medellín or to municipalities in the south of the Aburrá Valley in a few minutes.
  • The metro station is “El Poblado. You might find that the station Aguacatala is closer to the university. However, there is no direct way to go from there to the EAFIT by walk. In other words, you would need to cross dangerous highways to avoid the detours, which is really not recommended.
  • You can also use the bus to go to the university. There are a lot of lines that go there like Envigado, Circular Sur and Sabaneta.

The advantages of this sector:

  • Multiple access to a large number of good restaurants, both in the chain and in the city
  • Multiple shopping centers to choose from: El Tesoro, Santa Fe, Oviedo among others.
  • The main party area of the city is here: The Lleras Park, environments for all tastes.
  • It is one of the safest areas of the city.
  • Very varied transport routes.
  • The location of this sector is a little bit higher so the climate may have slight variations and it may be a little cooler.
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  •  If what you are looking for is to have an immersion experience in the Colombian culture, this is not the indicated sector. In other words, the massive presence of foreigners takes the local feeling a little bit away.
  • The Metro stations are a bit far from residential areas. Thus, it is better to find alternatives way to reach them.
  • As we mentioned before, the sector can be a little bit expensive.

In general, each sector will have its advantages and disadvantages. But the important thing is to take them into account according to your needs. That way, you will make the good decision.

If you would like to consider other areas for your housing in Medellín, you can read our blog about the features of each barrio you can find housing in. Good luck with your research and don’t hesitate to contact VICO if you need help finding a housing with our platform.

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