Find a room near the UdeA in Medellin

A room to rent near UdeA - Advantages and disadvantages jeff square

What should I know before looking for a room to rent near the UdeA in Medellin?

A room to rent near UdeA - Advantages and disadvantages UdeA Medellin

You are going to study at the UdeA in Medellin and you are looking for a room to rent in the neighborhood? Here is everything you need to know about the area, its advantages and disadvantages and the facilities you can find in the sector.

  • The University of Antioquia is an institutional area inside of the commune 14 “Aranjuez” in the Northeast of the city.
  • It is part of the popular sectors of Medellin and borders with other communes like Manrique, Santa Cruz, Popular and La Candelaria.
  • The neighborhood most commonly inhabited by students is Sevilla.
  • Its proximity to downtown is the greatest of its advantages and also the variety of spaces opened to the public.



  • Among all the sectors, this is the best one for buses since inter-municipal buses pass through here. They will connect you to the rest of the Aburrá Valley.
  • Metro stations and MetroPlus are very close to residential areas, this represents a great advantage.
  • The cost of living is quite affordable since it is a much cheaper sector due to the public university.
  • It has open spaces such as Los Deseos Park, the botanical garden and Carabobo Norte avenue where cultural programs are very common. You will always have plans to take advantage of it.
  • It also has places like the planetary, The San Pedro Cemetery Museum and the Explora Park that serve as alternative and educational plans.
  • Living in the sector you will have the opportunity to experience a little of the most popular and traditional Medellin, much of the population gathers around the university, in parks and public spaces.


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A room to rent near UdeA - Advantages and disadvantages Streets UdeA Medellin
Source: Proyecto 30 Segundos
  • Safety is not one of the strongest in the sector: it is important to be very cautious and “do not give papaya”.
  • It is quite far from the main hot spot of the city which means that your taxi or Uber can cost a little bit more.