Barrios of Medellin – How to choose the right neighborhood for your home?

View of the urban buildings of the city of Medellin Colombia on a beautiful day with the mountains in the background.

Choosing the neighborhood you’re going to live in a city you don’t know is hard, isn’t is? So let us make it simple for you: some neighborhoods are better than others to live in as a newcomer. That’s why we’ll give you information on the neighborhoods of Medellín where VICO has a greater presence because … Read more

5 reasons for living in a shared housing in Medellín

Aerial View of the Poblado neighborhood in Medellin Colombia during sunset with the mountains on the backgroung

1. Avoid loneliness – You arrive alone but you don’t stay alone You may not have considered the option of a shared housing for your accommodation in Medellin. Living alone sure has its advantages! But here’s why you should at least think about living with roommates. Because of all the opportunities Medellín has to offer, … Read more

VICO vs Airbnb in Medellín – What option suits you best?

Modern and beautiful interior of a living room with a big window allowing the light to enlighten the whole room during sunset

Airbnb and VICO satisfy very different needs. We suggest which option to choose according to your profile. One of the coolest aspects of the collaborative economy is finding furnished apartments in Medellín at low cost. Airbnb is very popular and we all know how useful it can be, especially if you travel the world changing … Read more

Urgente: Como podemos enfrentar el coronavirus juntos.

Coronavirus prevention Medellin VICO

El coronavirus es un tema que nos preocupa a todos y aún no podemos decir con certeza cuáles implicaciones tendrá o cuánto tiempo va a durar esta crisis. Desde nuestra parte en VICO les aseguramos todo el soporte necesario para poder pasar por esta situación juntos. En lo siguiente les queremos dar unas recomendaciones general y … Read more

7 reasons why Co-living is the future

que es un coliving o vivienda compartida

No more than two years ago we were surprised by the term co-working, a shared work space, with everything you need to do your day-to-day work. But the shared economy brings us another concept, Co-living. Here we will give you 7 reasons why co-living is the future. Co-living is not a new issue, student residences … Read more

VICO becomes part of the 500 Startups Accelerator Program.

VICO becomes part of the 500 Startups Accelerator Program. Team VICO

VICO becomes part of the 500 Startups Accelerator Program VICO is excited to announce that we became part of the latest batch from 500 Startups’ Seed Accelerator based in Mexico City. The 500 Startups’ Seed Accelerator program provides mentorship for early-stage companies based in Latin America. After reviewing over 1,400 applications, 500 Startups LATAM started … Read more

VICOs: Shared housing as a business

Businessman working in the real eastate business showing the profit of the shared housing business with a calculator

Shared housing: a promising business With the increase of foreigners arriving in Colombia and Medellin, the housing sector is one of the most benefited, thanks to shared housing as a business. Whether it’s the friendliness of the people, the landscapes or the academic opportunities, people from all over the world come to Colombia and help … Read more

Room near EAFIT in Medellin- What you need to know

Beautiful sunset in Medellín Colombia seen from the south part of the city on December afternoon with the buildings of the Poblado neighborhood in the foreground and the mountains of Medellin in the background

Are you thinking of studying at EAFIT and looking for a room near the university? Here is all you need to know to find a room near EAFIT: The EAFIT university is located in the commune 14 “El Poblado“. However, there are multiple neighborhoods within this area. So the neighborhood you are looking a room in … Read more

Barrios in Medellín – Get to know the story of your barrio

View of the buildings of Medellin, Colombia during a sunny day with the mountains in the background

Have you ever wondered about the history of the neighborhoods (barrios) of Medellín? Why are the names so different and how was their constitution? Today VICO helps you to know more about this city. Medellín is a city of 2,508,452 inhabitants (2017). They split in 20 institutional areas (universities, parks, etc.), 249 official urban barrios. In … Read more

Shared Flat in Colombia – 7 unique features of VICOs

Group of young friends having fun while watching tv and drinking beers at home in their shared living

Shared flat: Cultural differences in Medellín Arriving in a new city or a new country always includes confrontations with a different culture. Changes can be really small, like colors of the traffic signs on the streets or a different style of food. They can be bigger though: Norms, values and people’s behavior can change significantly … Read more

Vivienda compartida (VICO) – 5 mandamientos para una VICO feliz

Grupo multiétnico de amigos jovenes que se divierten en su vivienda compartida mientras compartiendo una comida y vino en la casa acogedora. Están discutiendo y riendo mientras el sol entra por la ventana durante la puesta del sol.

A continuación le presentamos nuestros consejos para evitar conflictos en su VICO Las experiencias más inolvidables que tendrás cuando llegues a Medellín las vivirás junto a tus compañeros de VICO (vivienda compartida), Es normal cuando compartes alojamiento con personas que no son tus parientes, volverse mucho más abierto y tolerante, sin embargo esto también representa ciertos … Read more