Lookouts in Medellín – Top 5 of the best spots to admire the city

A couple is looking at the mountains of Medellin and the lights of the city during sunset at Las Palmas, one of the best viewpoints of Medellin

Here are the best places to see the incredible panorama of the Aburra Valley and how to get there Medellín is geographically attractive since it is located in a valley. Thanks to that great location, the city offers a lot of impressive high lookouts from where you can admire the incredible landscape. The most popular lookouts … Read more

Parks in Medellín – Top 4 of the best parks in the city

Aerial view of the buildings and the parks of the neighborhood El Poblado in Medellin Colombia during a sunny day

Medellín is a city with spaces for everyone, either locals or foreigners, partiers or dreamers, big spenders or big savers. In the particular case of the parks, you will find the perfect one for you, whoever you are. Medellín has one for everyone. You’ll find from urban environments, classic, traditional and full of history, to … Read more

Museums in Medellín – The 9 most interesting of the city

A girl and a woman looking with interest at art objects under glass in a museum in Medellin using guidebook

Get to know the most interesting cultural spaces and museums in Medellín! The cultural offer in the Aburrá Valley is as wide and diverse as the ways to say “yes” in paisa. Therefore, we want to show you the most outstanding museums in Medellín that are definitely worth visiting. For example, have you ever been … Read more

Football in Medellín – Green or Red? Choose your team

Football stadium 3D rendering at night with the green grass, the bleachers and the lights on the fiels with an orange filter.

For paisas, football is similar to a religion. Only the love they have for they family can exceed their passion for their team. As in every country in Latin America, Football in Medellín is the most famous sport. Football in Medellín: There are 2 big football teams in Medellín: Atletico Nacional (AN) and Independiente Medellín (DIM). … Read more