How to register your VICO guests since they are not tourists?

Owner of a house revising the contract and the co-living rules of his house with its new guest during his arrival in the shared housing
The registration process for your tenants is not the same as the one for tourists, so here is our registration guide to help you out.

Non-tourists are increasingly common in large cities, due to the preference of tenants to have them instead of tourists, who represent only a short and limited stay.

No turistas - como recibirlos
In general, people prefer to receive people with longer stays

everytime more people living near by an university choose to rent to students from abroad what has become common in the main cities.

The number of young people looking to study in another city or country is increasing. So much that every year there are more foreign students who make their exchange in Colombia.

No turistas - cada vez más en Medellín
More and more young people choose Colombia as a destination for their exchange

These students come with the need to find a place to live during their period of study.

Due to this trend, students choose to rent a room near the university.

Still, unlike a local student, renting a room to a foreign student requires something more.

Not tourists and their needs

It is important to help your guests with the necessary paperwork

When lodging foreigners in your VICO, you must make a registration in Colombia migration.

You must ask yourself, why should I do the register if they do not come for turism? Because of this, do I have to pay taxes?

The registration is only to report the accommodation and the stay of foreign citizens, which does not imply tax.

In other words, the report is to have a record of the accommodation and nothing else. Not only for students, but in any case of NO tourists.

For example, if you host someone who came to do his/her intership for 3 months, you must register. This registration must be done for any stay longer than 1 month.

This is important because by not doing so you can be sanctioned.

For this reason we created a guide where you can see how it is done. Remember that the guide is for lodging report of NO tourists.

Here you can download a more detailed guide to register your guests.

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