Shared apartment an experience to live Medellín

Medellín, the city of eternal spring, has managed to leave its past behind and become one of the trend cities. Not only in Colombia, but also in the whole world.

The benefits of a shared apartment during the stay in the city of Medellín

The development of the city, the quality of life, the friendliness of the paisas and the amount of opportunities attract more and more students from abroad every year. A trend among students is to live in a shared apartment and thus take the first step to a unique experience.

This is the center of Medellin. There is the Botero Park with the Palace of culture (the Museum of Antioquia) and the Parque Berrio metro station
Plaza Botero in Medellin with the Museum of Antioquia and the Parque Berrío metro station.

Why choose Medellín?

Considered as the fashionable city, Medellín is located towards the northwest of Colombia. This city has been able to grow and improve significantly being recognized as the most innovative and entrepreneurial city. However, not only because of the advances of the country and the city, students choose to do their exchange in Medellín. But also for factors such as climate, welcoming culture, traditions, people, biodiversity and incredible landscapes.

Drone view of Medellin at night with all the beautiful lights of the city. It is a great city to live in a shared apartment

When opting for the city, most of the people will be amazed, they will warn you of being careful and will question your decision. But keep in mind that you have to distinguish between an opinion and a lived experience. There are no comments that are the only one in which an attempt has been made to change the decision, because many people have also lived this experience. I assure you that you will never regret going to Colombia in your life.

Publicity Find Your VICO in Medellin

After having made your decision, it is necessary to create the basis for your stay and find a suitable home that is indispensable for your unforgettable experience. Every beginning is difficult, being foreigner in a country, without knowing the city and the people will cost you time and energy, so that’s why the most advisable thing is to seek support in a shared apartment.

When you arrive at the apartment you will meet colleagues who have been living in the city for a while and thanks to that they will be able to accompany you during your adventure in Colombia. In the same way, you will find colleagues who go through a similar situation, to be new in the city and who are just taking their first steps in this new home. Which will help to create friendship bonds and expand the horizon. Throughout time the coexistence in the shared apartment will lead you to reflect on yourself and grow as a person. Then do not hesitate, start the trip, your new friends are waiting for you.

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