Sharing a housing – a newborn system in Colombia?

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The first steps of shared flats

At present times, the tendency to share an apartment as a student is popular in Europe and North America. But it is not a trend that has recently emerged, but goes back in the history of society. However, after the Second World War was observed a boom in the need to share an aparment. The shortage of houses due to the destruction of most houses caused people to start sharing apartments. Although, the economic situation in Europe stabilized, the custom of sharing a flat did not disappear.

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Shared floors – a changing system

The habit of sharing a floor was kept in the DNA of people. In the beginning, students and apprentices used to share housing for economic reasons, but also to facilitate the first steps in their new stage of life. Today there is a greater diversity of ways to share a floor, making it increasingly common. Currently, the reasons for sharing a floor vary depending on the need. The new inclination is to share a home for employment reasons, that is to say, young entrepreneurs who mix their work and social life living in community. However, there is also an increase in the number of shared flats among young employees who work in the same sector, creating a work and social exchange with coexistence. This model not only applies to permanent employees, but also to those who frequently move because of work.

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Our motivation

Due to these changes that continue to redefine the essence of sharing a floor, we decided to take an active role. Through VICO we facilitate the process of finding a shared home that meets your expectations. Thanks to having lived the same experience of sharing a house, we are able to understand what are the fundamental factors at the moment of entering the world of shared flats.

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