How to welcome your guests in your shared housing?

Owner of a house welcoming his happy new guests by handing them the keys of their room in the shared living.
The welcome is important as this will be the student’s first impression of the environment and the people whom he will live with.

But if it is a student from abroad, what is the best way to carry out this welcome?

Bienvenida colombiana
Welcome your foreign guests in Colombia

Welcome as first step

Whether you have experience with VICOs or not, it sure went through your head how to welcome your guest.

This may seem like a simple question, it is simply to give them the keys and show the room, some will say.

But the cultural diversity found in the country is reall extend. Despite speaking the same language different words are used to refer to something, so the interaction may be different.

That happens in your country, imagine that your guest is from the other side of the world and probably his/her knowledge of Spanish is little or maybe nothing.

This type of situations make much more complicated to welcome your guest.

This is because there is a cultural difference, in some cases what you think is good to receive it, can be something disrespectful.

This being so: What should be done in those cases? How to make someone feel at home without disrespect?

The first thing you think is to receive your guest as in his/her country of origin and is not wrong, it is valid.

But many prefer to be welcome in the way they do it here , to learn more about the culture.

although some people come for educational or work porpuse, there is something in common and that is that they want to learn from culture and knowing better.

Tips for a successful welcome

Recibiendo a tus invitados
Tips for a successful reception

Here we leave a list of things to keep in mind to welcome your guest.

  1. Do some research on his/her culture and place of origin. This will allow you to have a better idea of the way your guest sees the world.
  2. Depending on how open the guest’s culture is, you will be able to know the limit from the welcome.
  3. Show him/her something of our culture without going too far and invading his comfort zone.
  4. Show yourself in a friendly way and always accessible to talk. This will allow communication to be honest and open.

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