Picture of VICO LeadyCano, an apartment and co-living space in Comuna 7: Tesorito
Picture of VICO LeadyCano, an apartment and co-living space in Comuna 7: Tesorito

VICO LeadyCano

There is only 1 room left!


This VICO has been verified by our team and provides additional services.

  • Security included: We verify the identity of the owner and the quality of the space.
  • Quality guarantee: You have 2 days to complain if the space does not comply with what is indicated in the listing. In that case you will be able to change at no additional cost
  • Safe deposit: We keep your deposit safe and guarantee its return if you did not damage the space or left without notice
  • Transparent contracts: We generate a transparent and flexible lease contract to ensure security and clarity.
  • Flexible cancellation: Change your departure date only 30 days in advance for free
  • Continuous support: We help you in difficult situations with the landlords.
  • Shared house

    You will have a private room and access to the common areas.

    Shared house

    2 Rooms

    2 Bathrooms

    Rooms (2)

    Select the room that fits your needs.

    Room 1
    450,000 COP

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    What's included?

    Feel at home, everywhere and anytime.

    Love where you live

    We help you find a place you love and where you enjoy living. Therefore, our homes are ready for move-in and come with a lot of benefits.

    Completely furnished

    Flexible cancellation

    Customer Service included

    All bills included

    Equipped kitchen

    Parking available

    Has TV

    Your host: Leady

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    Response time

    0.00 h

    Response rate

    100 %

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    Amenities of VICO

    • Dining Room
      Dining Room
    • Television
    • Coffee Machine
      Coffee Machine
    • Washing Machine
      Washing Machine
    • Blender
    • Showers
    • Parking
    • Kitchen

    Minimum stay

    30 Days

    Additional price per guest per night


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