1How does the process work?
  • 1. The booking

  • First you request to book the room.

  • 2. The chat

  • You can resolve any questions and doubts you may have and get to know each other better in our secure chat.

  • 3. The Acceptance.

  • By accepting, the owner gives you 24 hours of exclusivity to make the booking payment (the first month's rent).

  • 4. The booking payment.

  • As soon as you make the booking payment, you will receive a notification with the booking confirmation. When you arrive and confirm that the room and the VICO are in the conditions communicated on the platform, we will transfer the monthly rent to the owner of the VICO.

2 How can I reserve a room for my date of arrival?

You can reserve your favorite room through the payment of a deposit, equivalent to one month's rent... As soon as you make the payment, you receive a booking confirmation with all the details of the owner and the VICO including their WhatsApp and address.

3 What is the amount of the deposit I have to pay to book my room?

The value of the deposit is equivalent to 1 month's rent + the transaction cost (approximately 3%). In addition, VICO charges a 5% service fee (first payment only).

4 Will I get my deposit back when I leave the VICO?

Yes. If you leave your VICO without having caused any damage, you get the deposit back. Email us at help@getvico.com to tell us how and in which currency you would like to receive your deposit. Warning: We will deduct the transaction costs and use the currency exchange rate dictated by our bank.

5 What will happen with my deposit?

Your deposit is kept at VICO. If you don't cause any damage, your deposit won't be affected and will be entirely refunded as soon as you leave your VICO. However, if you caused serious damage to your VICO, we will deduct the repair costs from the deposit.

6 Can I get a receipt for the deposit?

Yes, the booking confirmation contains the receipt for the deposit. It indicates the amount and date of payment. In addition, you can still log into your user account and in the 'My Payments' section, you can see the value of the deposit.

7 Can I cancel my booking?

Yes, of course. If you want to cancel your booking, simply send an e-mail to exit@getvico.com stating that you would like to cancel your booking. You will need to add the following information:

The booking number

Your first and last name

Your host's first and last name

The name of the VICO

8 Do I get my deposit back if I cancel my booking?

Yes, we will refund your deposit if you cancel your reservation early enough. Refer to the table of the deposit refund percentages below:

More than 30 days of warning -> 100% refund.

Less than 30 days warning -> the host keeps your deposit

9 What happens if, upon arrival, i find that the room is not as advertised?

No problem. After your arrival, you have 2 days to report any problems with the accommodation. If the VICO does not respect the information shared on the platform (for example, it has a single bed instead of a double bed), you have the right to cancel the reservation and receive 100% of your deposit. In this case, we will give you other VICO alternatives with a similar price and location.

10 When do I have to pay my first monthly rent?

After your arrival, you have 2 days to pay your first monthly rent.

11 How can I pay my monthly rent?

Go to getvico.com and log into your account. Go to the 'my payments' section and click on 'pay my monthly rent'. We will also send you a reminder email 9 days before your payment date.

FAQ Stay

1Is there a lease contract?

Yes. When making the payment, a shared living contract is automatically generated. It's for your own safety. But we are aware that you may not want to commit to a VICO for several months before having visited the accommodation. We therefore have very simple terms for the termination of the contract.

2 How can I terminate my contract?

ESend us an email to help@getvico.com

There are 3 ways to terminate the contract.

  • The duration of the contract ends.

    There are no consequences.

  • You give one month's notice before you leave.

    There are no consequences.

  • You leave without giving at least one month's notice.

    Your VICO host keeps your deposit.

3 What's the worst thing that can happen to me?

At VICO we minimize your risks. If you want to change your VICO, just let us know one month in advance. If you don't give us one month's notice, your VICO host will keep your deposit. In other words, the worst thing that can happen to you is that you lose your deposit by not announcing your departure 1 month in advance.

4 Can I pay my monthly rent online through VICO?

Yes. For your safety we strongly recommend that you pay your rent with VICO. Advantages :

  • Secure online payments.

  • Pay with your credit card (international) and pay reduced transaction costs.

  • Receive official and formal payment confirmations.

5What if I want to leave the VICO before the end of the contract?

At VICO, everything is very flexible. You can change your departure date at any time. All you need to do is register your new departure date in the 'my payments' section and change it to a date more than 1 month in the future to receive the total value of the deposit you paid. In the event that you don't modify it on the platform, VICO can't be held responsible for the refund of the deposit.

6When do I pay my monthly rent?

The payment date is based on your arrival date. For example, if your arrival date is May 5th, your payment date will be the 5th of each month.

7Have more questions?

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