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  • Get a cheap furnished room or shared flat in Bogota

    Finding your place to live at the right price and with all the comforts of home has never been easier.
    At VICO you will find furnished rooms for rent in shared housing with all the services already included in the rent.
    If you are looking for accommodation in Bogota that is comfortable, pleasant and economical, VICO has hundreds of offers to choose your next home.
    If you prefer, you can also rent a studio apartment or furnished flat for yourself or to share with whoever you want, and without delay!

    Coliving and shared houses for stays longer than one month in the Colombian capital.

    We are happy to accompany you in the process of arriving in a new city and getting to know its people and culture.
    We know how important it is for you to feel comfortable in your new shared home and to meet new people, put down roots and make friends.
    For this reason, at VICO you will find accommodations with stays longer than one month, so that you can settle in, enjoy and accomplish all your goals in your new home in Bogotá, without having to worry about accommodation.
    Shared housing is an extraordinary place to have a well-deserved rest or to work remotely

    FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions about Vicos in Bogotá

    There are many recognized universities where you can study in Bogota with the best professors and study programs. Whether public or private, the quality and recognition of Bogota's universities is very good. Some of them are: Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Universidad Javeriana, Universidad de La Salle, Universidad del Rosario, Universidad Sergio Arboleda, among others.

    Yes, at VICO you will find a large number of offers ideal for university students who are about to study or are already studying in the capital.
    Depending on your budget you will find different accommodation offers.
    We created this article for you to learn more about how to find and how to find student accommodation in Bogota.

    Yes, it is possible.
    On our website you only need your good energy and your desire to have a good time to be able to rent a furnished room or flat in the third highest capital of the world.

    At Getvico.com you will find furnished rooms in flats or shared houses. You can also find a private flat or studio flat just for yourself or with your travel companions. In most Vicos you will find rooms to relax in and spaces for work.

    At Vico we have several years of experience as one of the main options for renting accommodation for medium and long term stays in Colombia.
    In fact, there are hundreds of users very happy to have rented their space with us over the years.
    At Vico we have a clear mission of what types of properties and owners we want to join forces with.
    In addition to this, we have no hidden costs, no commissions outside of what is stipulated, we want your accommodation to help you meet your goals and not be a hindrance or worry more.

    We are very concerned about the safety of the users and the owners. We try to verify each accommodation in person and they have their corresponding certificate in the publication of each Vico.
    This is not to say that there can be no problems, but they are far fewer than the joys of staying in our shared accommodation.

    Suba, Chapinero or Teusaquillo, are just some of the best areas to live in Bogotá. If you are thinking about coming to Bogota or you have already decided but don't know which neighbourhood to choose, in this content you can learn about the best neighbourhoods and places to live in Bogota.

    Shared housing or colivings have innumerable advantages.
    The possibility of having your own space and home without paying an expensive rent is the first
    The second is the possibility of having numerous amenities and facilities, such as the colivings for rent that we offer in Bogotá.
    Another great advantage is that you can meet new people and make friends for the rest of your life. Isn't that amazing?

    There are many great shared colivings in Bogotá. You can find our recommendations in the following article: Best hangouts in Bogota.

    Bogota is one of the most populated and busy capitals of America, so the amount of plans and activities you can do are endless.
    Here we leave you our contents with our recommended things to do in Bogota.
    Find out what to do in Bogota for a weekend, or if you prefer you can also read the plans to do in Bogota as a couple.
    If you are with your friends, this content of what to do in Bogota with friends will come to you 10 points, and if you are a foreigner who is discovering our capital, here you can read the plans for tourists and travellers in Bogota.