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The best co-working space in Laureles

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Co-living and co-working go together. Both are unstoppable, global trends and represent the future of our lifestyle.

Unified with the same values, VICO partnered with Circular to offer you the best office spaces near to your home. Test the spaces one day for free. Circular counts with office spaces in Laureles with high-speed wifi, biosecurity, meeting rooms, phone booths, photocopier, kitchen with coffee maker, tea, water, and they are pet-friendly.
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Lauret Co-working

Circular 72#39a-22, Laureles-UPB

This circular building has a chic corporate atmosphere. It’s located on the fourth and fifth floors of a new building full of nature in its architectural concept. Here, the atmosphere is modern, youthful, fun and professional. They have a happy colourful common area, call booths for more privacy in your calls, offices of various sizes, a terrace overlooking the city and a large meeting room to exploit your best ideas.