Bus in Medellín – The 2020 guide to use the bus in Medellín

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How to use the bus in Medellín: routes, prices, apps…

The bus system is one of the oldest transportation systems used in Medellín. Therefore, the bus network is very rich and developed. Over time, a large number of bus companies and routes have developed across the whole city. Indeed, you can move very easily in the center but also go to the most remote places of Medellín.  

Some of the buses that travel around the city.
Source: El Colombiano

What should I know about this service?

To determine how useful the bus is for you, you need to keep 3 factors in mind. First, know your location,  then your destination and lastly the time. Depending on this factors, the traffic can vary and it’s sometimes easier to take the metro or a different transport.

When taking a bus, you just have to place yourself preferably on a bus stop and make a sign to the driver of the bus you want to take. Some places don’t have a bus stop or sometimes the stop can be too far from where you are. In this case, the best option is to look for a place you consider adequate for the bus to stop to let you get in. It might seem strange for foreigners, but here it is very common for buses to stop if someone is asking to come in, even if he is not at a bus stop.

Once the bus arrived where you wanted to go, go to the end of the bus and ring the bell. It is usually located in front of the back door. Then the driver will let you out on the next best option.

How to stop a bus.

Integrated system

Some bus routes are part of the Metro system (SITVA). They are easily recognizable because of how they look. Indeed, they can be white and green (as the Metro) or have the word “Metro” in the windshield as a distinctive sign. In general, you can access this buses directly from the Metro stations or in the authorized bus stops. 

The price of a bus ticket in the city for 2020 is of 2.300 COP (0.7USD). Depending on the bus you take, the cost and the payment method you will have to use can change. In most of the integrated Metro buses, you will need your Cívica card to access. The reason for this is because the use of this card is promoted as a comfortable and economic payment method. Below you will find the 2019 fares for the integrated system.

Useful bus routes

Circular Coonatra: Get to know the principal universities of Medellín

One of the most popular and useful routes for the students in the city is the Circular Coonatra, also known as “Circular Conozca” (=”Circular Discover”). It goes across the city in different directions and it takes you to the main universities of Medellínsuch as Universidad de Antioquia, Universidad Nacional, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Universidad de Medellín and some others.

Comercial Hotelera: From Poblado to Laureles and back

Circular Coonatra, one of the most useful bus routes for the students of the city.
Circular Coonatra, one of the most useful bus routes for the students of the city. Source: Panoramio 

Besides the “universities route”, you can also find very useful the Laureles – Poblado route which connects two important parts of the city. Indeed, it can be interesting for studies, entertainment, or cultural motivations. These buses are called Comercial Hotelera and are a good and cheap option to get from Laureles to Poblado or back.

Find your bus in Medellín

If you want to take a look at the most useful bus routes for you, the app “Bus Paisa” gives you information regarding 282 different bus lines in Medellín. It also suggest itineraries to get from one place to another using those 282 bus lines. Take a look at the web version here or download it clicking here (only on iOS).

Bus Paisa App, to help you find the bus you need
Bus Paisa – App, to help you find the bus you need. Source: Itunes

In case you want some aditional information, you can always visit the website of the Secretaría de Movilidad de Medellín.There you will find the maps with the routes of the buses in the city.
Have a safe trip!

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