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Accommodation for students in Medellin – What you should know

Everything you need to know about Student Housing in Medellín

The quality of the universities in Medellín is one of the reasons why this city hosts so many students.

Coming from other cities and countries, they arrive in search of housing. Long before starting their academic life, reviewing the options of residence is a fundamental task for a successful start.

As a student, the alternatives are diverse. Learn about student housing preferences in Medellin, find the best options and follow these tips to achieve your goals.

Where to find student housing in Medellín?

Although touring the neighborhoods in search of lodging is a familiar sight, it is not recommended. Considering that Medellin is the second most populated and extensive city in the country.

If you are the one who wants to provide accommodation services to earn money with your property in Colombia. You should know that this is the ideal market segment to maximize your income.

Therefore, the following options are the most convenient when looking for student housing in Medellin. They are the ideal to find what you are looking for or have your clients find you. So let’s get started:

1. Student rooms with VICO

rooms for students medellin

VICO is a popular platform for finding accommodation. As a business model it promotes the shared housing system. So, the alternatives it offers are ideal for students.

Your property will be visible to more candidates if you decide to be a VICO host. It is recommended as a first alternative, because in addition to being quite flexible, it allows short or medium-term leasing.

For students there are a variety of options in the best neighborhoods of Medellin. With the services you want and in the conditions and price ranges you prefer. You enter quickly and for the necessary time, even while you find your definitive housing.

Look at the photos and check the details with the host. Find with VICO the best places to rent in Medellín. You only have to look for the neighborhood of your preference, the price options and the services you need.

2. Student residences

Residence halls are the most traditional type of student housing in Medellín. They are also known as coliving, but with the distinction that all the guests are university students.

This type of accommodation offers the opportunity to share rooms or have a room just for yourself. It is an excellent place to meet people, share experiences and start your social life at the university.

There are some very well known ones, and because they are so popular, they tend to be in high demand. So you may want to broaden your search to other residences in the area.

3. Family houses

student acommodation medellin

This trend in student housing is known as homestay. It basically consists of a local family receiving you in their home for a certain period of time.

It is a practice that started with exchange students, and has become common as a housing alternative.

You will be surprised by the options available in homestays in Medellín. You just have to take into account some rules of coexistence and respect the agreements established from the beginning.

4. Student apartments and studio apartments

If you are able or need your own space, you may prefer an apartment or studio apartment.

These student housing options in Medellín include smaller properties. In which you have a room or two at the most.

Having enough space for your university work is a pleasant experience. However, these properties are usually more expensive than other shared housing options.

Price of accommodation for university students in Medellin

The cost of housing for university students is quite variable. Undoubtedly, it represents a fundamental part of your study budget.

However, this housing price will depend on the space available to you, the services and even the location.

In VICO we find options from 500,000 COP per month. This includes furniture for one or two people per room, as well as basic services and shared areas.

If you move away from the university area or in the more distant neighborhoods, prices vary quite a bit. Even from 100,000 COP per month.

In this case, you should consult the conditions. You will probably not have much furniture, or you will have a long daily commute to the university.

The best neighborhoods for students in the city of paisa

If you are a student or you are looking to settle in the city of Medellin, the first thing you should do is get to know the place.

medellin neighborhoods for students

To find where to live in Medellin, the ideal is to take a walk through the best neighborhoods. It will help you, not only to know but also to have a clear reference about general conditions, transportation, security and prices.

1. Poblado

It is considered the top area of Medellin, as well as being the largest. If you are looking for student housing in El Poblado, you will find spacious places, a fluid and modern environment.

The prices will not be cheap, but you will have all the services you need and easy transportation. You will also find the headquarters of several universities in Medellin. So it is undoubtedly one of the best options.

2. Laureles – Estadio

Heading towards the center west we came across Laureles. This neighborhood is also considered one of the most appreciated in Medellín.

Modern and with efficient access roads such as the South highway, it is a convenient way to travel to the main educational centers in the area.

Its lodging options are quiet and comfortable. They are preferred by students of the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, which has its main campus in Laureles.

3. Robledo

Robledo is recognized as a heritage area. The excellent balance between urbanism and nature makes it a pleasant alternative for student housing in Medellín.

The university campus of the University of Antioquia and the location of other important universities in Medellín add to the attractiveness of this neighborhood.

Natural attractions, libraries, museums and the friendliness of the locals, make Robledo more than attractive, it is really convenient.

In addition, you have affordable and diverse housing options. There are several communities of students, freelancers or entrepreneurs who find Robledo the best place to live and study.

4. Belén

Distinguished by its tranquility and large residential areas. Belen offers more affordable housing opportunities for students in Medellin.

The location of EAFIT and the University of Medellin within this neighborhood makes it a practical and convenient area for students. In addition to having large shopping malls, parks and cultural recreation areas at your disposal.

You will also find that Belen’s mobility and efficient transportation routes make it easy to get around. Even if your work or academic activities take place in another Medellín neighborhood.

Where else can I look for student housing?

If you are short on time or are looking for a more organic alternative to find student housing in Medellín. Then one of these options may be right for you.

1. Talking to people at your university

Ask your classmates, advisors or acquaintances within your university. The best places to stay for students are popular and often recommended.

University student Medellin housing

Likewise, you can use this strategy to check the reviews of a place you have in mind for yourself. You will surely be able to find references, recommendations and even a roomie among your acquaintances.

2. Facebook or WhatsApp groups

There is no corridor more crowded than social networks. Just in case you don’t succeed in asking live. Maybe they recommend you a WhatsApp or Facebook group where you can find the ideal accommodation.

As with any search on social networks, you must be careful to check references. Get to know the site and make sure it is a genuine offer.

Look for company to evaluate your options and do not hesitate to ask all the questions you need.

3. Talking to other students or former students

The student associations in the different faculties are characterized by providing support, especially to new members of the university community. Especially to new members of the university community.

Ask for some recommendations for student housing in Medellín. Ask about university residences or coliving options near your university.

You can also check out recommendations from former students you know. Generally student housing offers in Medellín last for many years. So several generations will have occupied the same residence and can help you with that.


Finding student housing in Medellin should not be that complicated. What is really interesting in this case is that you can settle in and feel comfortable where you are.

The convenience of being close to the university clearly means comfort. But also high demand, little space and higher prices.

The best neighborhoods in Medellín turn out to be ideal, although you also have to deal with costs. Opening up to housing options a little further away is a good idea. As long as you can organize your commute, your budget will eventually thank you.

Keep in mind that student housing usually won’t be set in stone. Consulting with classmates, friends and family will open up new alternatives. You should also check out VICO’s great deals.

Whether you are looking for a place in a homestay, a shared rental or an apartment, the best option will depend on your possibilities. The best option will depend on your possibilities and the location you consider appropriate when looking for your student housing in Medellín.

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