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Accommodation for students in Bogota – What you need to know

student housing in Bogota

Looking for student housing in Bogota? Will you be studying your university degree in Bogota?


You have chosen the best educational place in Colombia, with more than 150 university centers, a wide range of curricula and, best of all, a welcoming urban environment.

The success of your career must be accompanied by the best living conditions during your stay, providing accessibility, minimum services and an optimal study environment.

Choosing where to live or student housing in Bogota cannot be taken lightly. We recommend that you take a moment and evaluate the different aspects explained in this article.

acommodation for students bogota

How to find student housing in Bogota?

When looking for student housing in Bogota we recommend you to take into account these aspects:

  • Be clear about the location of the university center and the surrounding neighborhoods
  • Available means of transportation.
  • Lease value.
  • Safe areas.
  • Types of services and attractions nearby.
  • Once you have defined these parameters, it will be easier for you to decide between the following options:

1. Student housing at VICO

More than shared housing, VICO is a way of living together. It is a wide range of accommodation for students in Bogota, in houses, residences or apartments shared with other tenants.

VICOs are strategically located in the best neighborhoods of Bogota, close to the universities, in order to better meet the housing needs of international and national students.

In VICO you will find the services, spaces, privacy and lifestyle ideal to accompany your studies in Bogota.

Among the options you will find in the VICO search engine are university residences, rooms, apartments or studio apartments or coliving.

2. Residence halls and university rooms

University residences can be houses or apartments with many rooms in which common areas and services such as laundry, kitchen, living room, dining room, among others, are shared. Generally, they tend to share recreation, gym or study space.

University rooms can be individual or shared, with private or shared bathrooms. The monthly rent is usually global, that is to say, it includes all the services, and is paid in a single payment.

3. Student apartments

The option of studio apartments for students is to rent a complete housing unit, consisting of a room without dividing walls, fully furnished.

They are ideal as individual or couple accommodation, since they have practical and cozy spaces. They offer excellent location, greater independence, tranquility and control over your activities.

Price of the different accommodation offers

In VICO you will find student accommodation offers in Bogota with a variety of prices, depending on the location and type of room. From 400.000 COP per month you can filter your searches on our website

Where do students live in Bogota? The best neighborhoods for university students

As mentioned above, the places where students live in Bogota are those close to the university, with transportation facilities, services, and with prices that vary according to the area and type of accommodation.

students bogota

Bogota has more than 1900 neighborhoods, organized in 20 localities and categorized in social strata with a scale from 1 to 6, following the ascending order, 1 being the lowest or economic and 6 the most expensive.

That is why there are “university” or student areas par excellence, such as:

1. Chapinero and Teusaquillo

Chapinero y Teusaquillo is perhaps the student area par excellence. Colombia’s main universities are located in this neighborhood:

  • EAN
  • Fundación Universitaria Konrad Lorenz
  • Fundación Universitaria San Martín
  • La Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
  • Universidad Católica de Colombia
  • Universidad Manuela Beltrán
  • Universidad Santo Tomás
  • Universidad Sergio Arboleda

It also has an ideal cultural and recreational proposal: cultural centers, cinemas, restaurants, bars, outdoor spaces, squares, among others. In a very dynamic area where you will find all social strata.

Located in the northeast area of Bogota, along the seventh race provides both private and public transportation services, with stations of the Transmilenio system.

2. Usaquén and Suba

Usaquén is located in the northeastern area, between the northern highway and the eastern hills, Calle 100 and the border with Chía, and is characterized by the strata 5 and 6.

Here are among the most important:

  • Universidad El Bosque.
  • Universidad Buenaventura.
  • Unisanitas.
  • Among other institutions.

This is an area of colonial architecture and atmosphere. Very visited by tourists for its attractive restaurants, bars and the famous flea market on Sundays.

Suba is also a heritage area of Bogota, both cultural and natural. Natural sites such as the Mirador de los Nevados park, the Tibabuyes wetlands, or Juan Amarillo, are mixed with the houses that gave the neighborhood a tourist atmosphere.

3. Chicó

The Chicó neighborhood is one of the most exclusive, with strata 5 and 6, in Bogota. Surrounded by modern and luxury houses and buildings, the so-called Garden City is home to various embassies and headquarters of international organizations.

It has a privileged location between 100th Street and Parque El Virrey, and between Carrera Séptima and Autopista Norte. There you will find:

  • Universidad de Boyacá
  • Universidad Ces
  • Universidad EAN
  • Uniandinos

4. The Zona Rosa

This is the coolest neighborhood in Bogota. Although it is a temptation for students to live among so much fun, the Zona Rosa offers that atmosphere of youth and good living that many need in their free time.

Located between Carreras 11 to 15 and streets 82 to 84, being the most attractive area between Carrera 12a and Calle 83, where gastronomic establishments, nightclubs and shopping malls are concentrated.

Other places to look for student housing in Bogota

The Internet offers an infinite number of accommodation search engines; however, using social networks helps you to personally check the information of certain places, thanks to word of mouth or comments from those who have already had the experience.

1. Facebook groups

Facebook and its groups have become a very popular reference when it comes to making decisions. In them you can ask questions about your experiences, confirm information, receive feedback from other users and even find offers.

2. Ask friends or classmates

If you are already a student, it is advisable to ask your classmates or those who are already in more advanced courses or have been at the university for a longer period of time. They will surely have valuable information about university rooms or student apartments.

3. Search your university’s bulletin boards

Generally, owners, landlords or managers of university housing take the opportunity to publish their offers on university bulletin boards.

Go around, check and consult this information and verify it with friends and classmates. You may find a good deal.

Helpful Hints

Remember that nowadays, in addition to the location and price, you should be aware of other services that you will always need, such as a good Internet and Wi-Fi connection, the necessary furniture, security, among others.

Regarding the payment method, analyze if it is more convenient for you to pay monthly or pay a rent apart from the services. Everything will depend on how you know how to manage yourself.

It is possible that a university lodging is more economical for sharing the room, the bathroom and other services, for which you must be aware of how much you want to sacrifice your privacy. The ideal is to find roommates from the same course or friends you already know.

Always take care to make clear all the conditions and terms of the contract, such as the rental fee, that your duties and rights are established in a document signed by both parties.

Ah! Ask if you can customize the leased space. It is always necessary to give it that personal touch that makes you feel more comfortable.


Studying your university career, specialization or graduate degree is a very special stage that requires the best conditions to make the most of your time.

Bogota offers great study opportunities and excellent areas and environments to live and develop your professional development. Hence the importance of choosing the right housing will provide you with the comfort and facilities necessary to achieve your goal.

At VICO we know your needs and expectations as a student and we have compiled the best student housing offers in Bogota for you to find your medium and long term stay.

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