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Fiesta del Libro y la Cultura in Medellin

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Everything you need to know about la Fiesta del Libro y la Cultura in Medellin:
  • The first version of la fiesta del libro (at that time fair) was held on March 12, 1993 but it was not constant every year because the conditions were different.
  • This year the 12th version of la fiesta is celebrated with the theme: THE FORMS OF MEMORY.
  • Each year a guest country is chosen, this year it will be Mexico.

One of the most anticipated parties in Medellín is coming, a party that lasts 10 wonderful days, has no cover but in which you will surely want to spend all your money. This is la fiesta del libro y la cultura, which for a long time ceased to be a fair because it is an event not only to sell books; It is an invitation to read, to converse, to share and live experiences, to travel to other worlds and for the theme of this year to celebrate THE FORMS OF MEMORY. Next, everything you need to know about this event.

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La Fiesta del libro y la Cultura in Medellín is an event of great importance for the city. Only for the previous year 420,287 visits were received. The biggest attraction of this event is that it is open to all types of audiences and is completely free, plus you find a variety of plans such as movie nights, concerts, conferences, readings and many other activities in which the main stage is the city.

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  • The epicenter of this festival is the northern part of the city, mainly in the Botanical Garden because “under the leaves of the trees it reads better the sheets of books “, but has events located throughout the city.
  • This is the third and most important event among the Medellín Book Events (the first is the popular Días del Libro held in May, and the second one, la Parada Juvenil de la Lectura held in July).
  • In total there will be more than 300 national and international guests, 37 evening talks, 54 national and international artistic groups, more than 90 book launches, 88 author adoptions in the city’s educational institutions and 34 reading promotion tents in the Living Reading Garden area and where there will be 2,640 workshops to promote reading, writing and orality.
  • As a guest country will be Mexico, will have a pavilion that includes a “large library” dedicated to the best of Aztec literature, while in other spaces visitors can experience their culture through their music and flavors, with the participation of traditional chefs.

If you want to know more about the amazing story of this party, you can click here.

Enjoy the guest country programming here.

program yourself with the full schedule of the Fiesta here.

Do not miss one of the most important cultural festivals in the city!

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