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What to do on your first days in Medellin?

Young hipster girl with bright backpack enjoying the panoramic view of the mountains of Medellin, using a map to know where to go and what to do uring her first days in Medellin
Your departure to the city of the eternal spring is getting closer and closer? You already see yourself walking down the streets of Medellín? But are you sure you’re ready for your arrival?

Don’t worry, VICO put together a list of things to visit but also to keep in mind while arriving in Medellín.

-The first things you should do-

What to do on your first days in Medellin? VICO FOM
  • Get to know your home: it’s your first day in the city so the best option is to check the place you will spend the next months in, unpack and meet your VICO mates. In that way, you will feel way more comfortable and feel like you have a home, not an hostel.
  • Get to know the sector: a perfect activity for your second day would be to take a look at your neighborhood. Firstly, note where the closest shops, supermarkets, pharmacies and nearby restaurants are. You should also locate the public transportation spots of the area. Check with the owner of your VICO or with your housemates, they might give you useful information.
  • Visit your university or job location: Being confortable with the place where you’ll spend your days will spare you some time and stress. 

Once you have familiarized yourself with your new environment, you can start getting to know your city. However, you should always keep in mind our security tips so you have a pleasant time here. 

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-Visit Medellín-

What to do on your first days in Medellin? Turismo FOM
Source: ElTiempo

Pueblito Paisa:

This place is definitely a must. From there you have one of the best views of the city because it is high in the mountains and at the same time you get to know a bit of the traditional Paisa culture. Indeed, Pueblito Paisa is the replica of a typical Paisa town as its name indicates it. The best time to visit this place is before sunset so you have the chance to watch the sunset and see how the sea of lights starts to light up. Pueblito Paisa is open more or less between 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

What to do on your first days in Medellin? Publito Paisa FOM
Pueblito Paisa – Fuente: Flickr-AlexToro

Comuna 13:

Perfect to spend a sunny morning or even a beautiful sunset but the ideal is to go during to admire the colors and streetart on its walls. You can make the Graffiti tour to know a little bit more about this art. At the same time, you can appreciate this sector of the city that, despite being marginalized by violence, was reborn to become a place full of history and culture.

What to do on your first days in Medellin? head seguridad
Comuna 13 – Source: – Comuna 13 graffiti tour

Centro de Medellín:

Recommended to make the cheapest purchases and experience the hectic life of the city as well as knowing its history. Walking through the center, you will have the opportunity to know the real Medellín and interact with its inhabitants. It is always preferable to go by day for safety reasons and to be very attentive to the safety recommendations. The highlights in this sector are the Museum of Antioquia, Plaza de Botero and Parque de las Luces.

What to do on your first days in Medellin? Centro FOM
Source: Museo de Antioquia

Jardín Botánico de Medellín:

The perfect place to relax and get in touch with nature. The admission is free and it is a perfect place to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city,. There you can have a picnic, have a nice day with your group of friends or even take a nap. You can enter at any time of the day from 9:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m..

Puedes ver toda la belleza de las flores en el Jardín Botánico en Medellín.
You can see the beauty of the flowers in the Jardín Botánico in Medellín.

Parque Lleras:

Is there any better way to celebrate your arrival in the city than getting to know its nightlife? The “Parque Lleras” is Medellín’s nightlife sector by excellence. It has a ton of bars, clubs and excellent restaurants to experience a great evening and night. Of course, there are more nightlife sectors in the city and you can read about them here. However, Lleras should be the first nightlife spot to check.

What to do on your first days in Medellin? Lleras

Welcome to the city, we hope you enjoy a lot!

What to do on your first days in Medellin? Publicity Looking for a VICO 1

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