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One guy on a bed and a girl at the desk in a beautiful studio with modern decoration

Indie Studio is the most colorful building in Laureles. Designed for independent creators, it occupies 80% of its beautiful studios, while the hospitality sector in the city does not exceed 2%.

Creative universe, rainbow of laurels and coliving of creators are just some of the most used names to refer to INDIE STUDIO. It is a business model full of creativity that welcomes all kinds of content generators and independent creators.

A girl is playing the guitar on a bed in a beautiful modern Indie studio in Laureles, Medellin. VICO rent a room in Medellin

The creative universe

The building’s colorful facade seems to be melting in the middle of the valley of Medellín’s Barrio Laureles. Without entering, INDIE invites you to imagine and ask yourself: what is this place?

A girl is working at a desk, creating content in a beautiful modern Indie studio in Laureles, VICO rent a room in Medellin

INDIE has been designed and created as a universe of unique experiences. Indeed, it’s not just about offering a cool place for both nomads and locals to live. It’s also about offering a diverse, creative and connected community. That community comes together to exchange talent. Together, they enjoy the experiences that the staff constantly prepares to make their stay an unforgettable experience.

Independers, the INDIE Gang

As implied by its name, INDIE is for independents. All creators who travel the world to get inspiration have a place at INDIE to bring their art, talents and projects to life. More than 80% of the residents are nomad foreigners who find in Medellín the perfect place to spend a season. Here, they can learn Spanish and connect with other creators. The remaining 20% are locals looking for cultural diversity, language exchange and ideas as inspiration for their projects. It is for them and for the Independers that INDIE creates and reinvents itself every day.

two caucasian girls taking a selfie on a rooftop during sunset.

The building has 32 furnished and equipped studios for short and long stays. Moreover, it offers an 8-floor indoor gymnasium, inspiring and colorful open common areas, and a terrace with a 360-degree view of the city. Therefore, even in quarantine, INDIE receives new residents almost every week.

Every Friday, the experience team prepares activities or sends surprises to the independers’ rooms. For example, it can be pancake recipes, photography challenges, pizza nights and Beer vibes. The experiences ensure that their residents feel good and have fun responsibly under this new reality.

a man is lying on a bed

“Change starts here”

“Change starts here” is the message at the entrance of this creative coliving, because that’s how it feels. When entering the building, you are immediately amazed by the detail of every corner and the power of the community.

Indie Studio coliving building in Laureles Medellin, "change starts here" sign with a bike. Creative community VICO rent a room in Medellin

To check the studios or book a free online visit, click here.

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