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10 Tips to meet paisa girls in Medellin

A young attractive man is having a drink with a young Colombian girl. He is trying to seducing her. They are very close
Who better than a real paisa would tell us what we can do or avoid doing when trying to win girls of the Antioquia capital.

Aleja will help us with ten exclusive tips to meet and make paisa women to fall in love. First you must know that in Colombia it is said that the women of Medellín and Cali are the most beautiful, but do not be afraid to engage in a conversation and win them, they will surely fall in love, let’s start!

 Tips that VICO recommends

1.  Smell like a man, but smell good.

There is a bad habit that some foreigners have when they come to the city of Medellín,  they do not bathe, or if  they take a shower they  put on dirty clothes and they do not use lotion or deodorant; You do not know how important it is for a paisa woman that the man, she is going to go out with  smells good, it is very uncomfortable to talk to her and have horrible breath, or that your armpits have a bad smell, you could provoke nausea with a hug! So, when you go out with a pretty girl, bathe, use some lotions and prepare yourself as if you were for an awards gala.

Young caucasian man having a shower, then brushing his teeth and put on deodorant and perfume to be more attractive before meeting a paisa girl.

2. Winning factor, good sneakers

We know that in other parts of the world, shoes do not play a very important role when establishing a relationship, however, in Medellín – Colombia, the paisas usually take as a first reference of good taste and presentation the sneakers you wear, it’s all about  having good shoes, no matter the brand, the important thing is that they are clean and in good conditions, do not get out of flip flops is the worst!

Nice and clean Adidas and Nike sneakers that can improve your style in Medellin

3.  Pick her up at home

In Medellín we are still very traditional in certain things, for example first date you have to pick her up at home, that will show that you are a gentleman and you are interested in making her feel good, and if you want to have something serious , you will make a very good impression on her parents,  we are also very old fashioned (that is, old customs), what her parents say is very important.

Young confident caucasian man picking up a paisa girl at home with his beautiful car before a date.

4. Pay the bills

There is nothing that a paisa woman hates the most is a stingy man, if you are going to invite her out, at least on the first dates pay for everything, you do not have to go to super expensive places, or who knows, everything will depend on how it is the girl you’re dating, ask her what she likes to do, what is her favorite food or her preferred plan, so you can calculate how much you can spend going out with her. But never be a chichipato! (stingy)

Young caucasian man sadly holding his credit card because he is going pay for what his girlfriend wants.

5.  More paisa than a paisa

When you visit Colombia you can have some ideas of speaking in Spanish, however in each city there are words that are very typical from the region, in Medellín for example there is the parlache, they are words that are only used here, it is good that you learn them to have a good communication and to be able to understand what the paisa girl  who  you are going out with, is telling you. For example, in the capital of Antioquia it is very commun to tell your girlfriend “tu polla”, so we invite you to click here and learn some good words that can work for you in the process of winning a girl.

list of local paisa expressions used by the people who live in Medellin (Chévere, Chichipato, Antojar, Lukas)

6.  0% Shyness / 100% Charisma

When you know Medellin you will realize that the people of this city in particular are trusting, that is to say, they are not afraid to say what they think, they are cheerful and very joking, they will greet you even if  they do not know you, for example, in a Elevator they greet you, if it is your neighbor they will also do it, if you are lost and you ask them to indicate  you an address, they will be able to take you to the place where you have to go; that is why it is important that you leave shyness aside and more if it is getting to know a paisa woman, we do not like  shy  men, but don’t give me wrong, do not be a  clown, if you are able to break the ice in any situation Just do it parcero(buddy)!

photos of a couple where the man is close to the girl, smiling, holding her and defending himself during an argument.

7. Respect her culture

It is evident that many things that we have culturally rooted are going to be very different, that is why it is important that you learn and respect her culture as a Latina, Colombian and Paisa woman. There are things that for sure you will see  weird, for example, sometimes we usually hang a string of arepas to a person to whom we want to give the welcome, it is a matter of traditions, you will surely enjoy and you will nourish yourself with our culture.

group of pictures of people spending time with paisas and visiting cultural places in Medellin

8.  Indiscretion for later

All cities have their good and bad things, but if you want to win a paisa do not  speak bad about  Medellin. We are aware that our city has problems, and even characters who have marked our history in a horrible way. However, it is much better to highlight the best, we have the most innovative city, unique with public electric stairs, J Balvin, Juanes, Fernando Botero are Antioquenos, read a bit about Medellin and tell your girl about those good things, then maybe discuss  the bad.

Pictures of what makes Medellin a great city like reggeaton singers, the beautiful landscape and the metro.

9. You are from another country, not a Calvin Klein model

Paisas we do not like presumptuous men, do not think because you are from another country,  we will fall to your feet (maybe sometimes), try to show other virtues, do not have a haughty attitude or  think you are  a tumba-locas  (a womanizer), that  only will scare women.

presumptuous men who count on their appearance to seduce paisa girls

10. Learn how to dance

Paisas in general we like to dance a lot, we almost always know how to dance everythig, that is why,  you should learn some basic steps of some Latin rhythms like merengue or vallenato, even  reggaetón that is the easiest, and one of the musical genres what is most heard in Medellín. If your girl’s preferred plan is to dance, you can not disagree with her, at least try it.

Men dancing salsa and reggeaton with paisa girls in a club in Medellin

From VICO we hope these recommendations help you, the important thing is that you are always authentic and enjoy your experience!

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