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2017 Christmast lights in Medellin: A show you can’t miss!

Big house decorated with lots of colorful lights for the Christmas Alumbrados show in Medellin Colombia
About the 2017 Christmas lights: When, where, what?
2017 Christmast lights in Medellin: A show you can't miss! simulación 2017
Simulación Alumbrados 201 Fuente: – Alcaldía
  • This year marks 50 years of the Christmas history with the lighting of the city.
  • EPM is the company responsible for the assembly of the lighting.
  • Each year the lighting has a specific theme, this year will be: “The family”.
  • The Christmas lights decoration are pride and a tourist attraction of the city.
  • The name of the staging will be: “EPM lighting, 50 years of stories at Christmas”

Good news Friends of Medellín, the most beautiful time of the year is approaching and as you have been able to realize, in this city is something that is taken quite seriously. If you stay for December in Medellín you will have the opportunity to enjoy the 50 years of a light show that has stolen the heart and admiration of many people worldwide. So you don’t miss anything about this event, “Friends of Medellín” brings you the most relevant information about it.

2017 Christmast lights in Medellin: A show you can't miss! Carabobo
Sector Carabobo Norte

The chosen sector for the assembly of the lighting this year was, as in the previous year: Carabobo Norte and the heart of these, within el Parque Norte. It is a place of easy access because you have the Universidad station of the Metro system to get there and multiple bus routes that you can use.
You can visit the lighting from this December the 2nd in their lit up ritual at 6:30 p.m., until January 8, 2018. The visiting hours in the Parque Norte will be from 6:00 p.m. until 12:00 a.m., for free. The route of light will be divided into the following sections between Medellín and surrounding places:

Nodo central | Carabobo Norte

1. Bienvenidos a la fiesta

2. A bailar

3. Dulce Navidad

4. 50 navidades

5. La casa se engalana de fiesta

6. Diversión Navideña

7. 50 son 50

8. ¡Sorpresa!

Nodo tradicional | La Playa

+ La ciudad de la luz

+ En los corregimientos

In case you want to know a bit more regarding what is each section about you can click here.

2017 Christmast lights in Medellin: A show you can't miss! 50 años
Source: Juan David Úsuga / El Colombiano

Summary in numbers of everything used for this show:

  • Elaborate figures: 50,000.
  • 1,000 watt projectors: 225.
  • Iron: 226 tons.
  • RGB LED tubes: 189.
  • LED bulbs: 37 million.
  • Metallized paper: 15.5 tons.
  • Fiberglass poles: 196.
  • Structures in movement: 27.
  • Translucent posts: 48
  • RGB LED nodes: 3,960.
  • Video mapping: 1.
  • LED light hose: 1,130 kilometers.
  • RGB LED spotlights: 66.
  • Hologram: 1.
  • Show fountain water: 1.

All this is done by a team of 286 people, including designers, architects, engineers, craftsmen, welders and assembly crews.

You can not miss this opportunity to live December as the people here do it. With a lot of passion and joy!

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