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EnCicla – The free bike system in Medellín

Encicla free bicycle station in Medellin Colombia with some bicycles parked in front of a park
Move around the city for free and the easiest way thanks to Encicla
EnCicla - The free bike system in Medellín Civica

Public bikes for the city

Encicla is the public bike system of the Aburrá Valley, inaugurated on 2011. It is a proposal to position the bike as the sustainable, healthy, eco friendly and economic transport method that it is.
For this reason, it is part of the SITVA sustainable transportation system (Sistema Integrado de Transporte del Valle de Aburrá). Indeed, it now counts 51 stations and a total of 1300 bikes. So it actually boosts the sustainable transportation project of Medellín. However, you can only enjoy the free rides if you have the Cívica card. So you need to get it first.

The Civica card is the card that gives you access to the ENCICLA bike System in Medellín.

EnCicla - The free bike system in Medellín ENCICLA
You can use the Encicla bikes that roll all over the city for free – Photo: Cortesía Alcaldía

Become a user

First,  you need to sign up on the web page Then, click on the “Inscripción” tab. When filling out your information, you have two different options of inscription. Either you are a resident (if you are staying in one of the towns of the Aburrá Valley for a long time) or as a visitor (if you are only staying for a couple of days).
If you are a resident you need:

  • ID photo
  • ID card or passport
  • Your Cívica card. If you don’t have it, we show you how to get it in this article.
  • Public services bill (electricity, internet etc) where your home address can be easily read.

If you are a visitor, you need:

  • An ID Photo
  • A photocopy or you ID from both sides zoomed in to the 150%
  • A photocopy of your Cívica card

The files need to be on a JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF or WORD format though, be careful to have a valid one. Also, each file must have a maximum size of 2 MB. If your files weigh more than 2MB, you can easily reduce their size on the internet with websites like
You will then have to wait 3 business days during which your information is checked and approved. Once approved, you will receive an email informing you that you can visit the Encicla customer service office. There, your Cívica card password will be activated so that you can start using the system.

EnCicla - The free bike system in Medellín Bildschirmfoto 2017 07 28 um 09.15.11
The public bikes are for free and high quality. Photo: Tele Medellin

Activate your card

The customer service office is located in the Área Metropolitana del Valle de Aburrá building on carrera 53 N° 40A – 31 and its operating hours are:

  • Monday to Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. and from 2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
  • Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and from 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

If you are a visitor, once your card is activated you will be activated on the system for a week with the possibility to renew. 
Keep all your information updated on the web page to keep enjoying the system without interruptions.

Use EnCicla

To start using Encicla, you just need to go to an Encicla station and take your first bike. However, you need to know that there are two different types of stations: manual and automatic. On the manual stations, there is an Encicla employee to whom you need to show your cívica card. On the automatic stations, you need to place your card over the electronic totem to unblock it.
When you already have the bike with you, you have 1 hour to use it. In case you need more time, you can renew the rent in any of the Encicla stations of Medellin.

EnCicla - The free bike system in Medellín encicla
The Encicla card allows you to rent bikes for free. Photo: El Tiempo


The stations operating hours are the following:

  • Monday to Friday from 5:30 a.m to 10:00pm, the last rent is at 9:00 pm
  • Saturday from 6:30 a.m to 4:00 pm, the last rent is at 3:00pm.

However, there is a special schedule for the Cisneros, Unaula and Museo de Antioquia stations: on Monday to Friday from 5:30 a.m to 5:30 p.m for rent and reception and it is the normal schedule on Sunday.

App and questions

In order for you to use Encicla more easily, you can download the mobile app on it’s version for Android, there you can check the available bikes in each station. If you require additional information or if you have any question, you can always check the official web page of the system.

EnCicla - The free bike system in Medellín Publicity Looking for a VICO 1

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