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Feria de las Flores 2019 – Program and Highlights

Locals of Medellín carrying colorful flowers for the Silleteros Parade during the Feria de las Flores in Medellin Colombia
Feria de las Flores: Tradition and actuality.

The Feria de las Flores in Medellín is one of the most anticipated events by the paisas in Antioquia. It’s a way of celebrating this culture of entrepreneurship, happiness and colourful traits that characterizes us. In addition to all of us, Antioqueños that live for this fair, thousands of visitors from all over the world come during those few days to discover a little of what is known as the city of eternal spring.

Medellín is mainly known for being innovative and living an extraordinary development with its different transports like the Metro. However, 70% of the territory is rural. “There, in the middle of the countryside, live the people who keep alive the essence of who we are and what we were” said Federico Gutiérrez Zuluaga, mayor of Medellín. Indeed, the Feria de las Flores not only celebrates the present, but the tradition and roots of Medellin.

La Feria de las Flores entre actualidad y tradición.
The Feria de las Flores between present and tradition. Photo: Courtesy of the Alcaldía

Days of parties and events.

The fair offers different events for all ages and tastes during those few days. It is a celebration with a bit of everything that represents us as paisas. July marks the beginning with the pre-opening in Santa Elena (Festival de Sancochos). It is an event where different families sign up to cook a typical Colombian dish and delight all visitors to the festival with its special seasoning.

Silleta de Atletico Nacional, después de haber ganado la Copa Libertadores.
Example of a Silleta during a parade. In this case of Atletico Nacional, after they won the Copa Libertadores. Courtesy of the Alcaldía

Main events: Desfile de Silleteros, Desfile de Carros Antiguos and the Botanic garden.

This year’s Feria de las Flores takes place from the Friday 2nd to the Sunday 11th of August. It lasts 10 days in total. Every day you have to chose between different events. The traditional Parade of Silleteros and  the Oldtime Parade are examples of some highlights.You should also live the traditional nights in Santa Elena accompanying the silleteros while they make their silletas before coming down to Medellín is. Obviously, the Parade of Silleteros on Sunday August 11 is the highlight of the fair.

At the same time, there are different stages and concerts that fill the city with a festive spirit and joy only comparable with Christmas. And, finally, one of the most traditional events to enjoy with the whole family is an exhibition of orchids, flowers and craftwork celebrated in the Botanic Garden from Monday 5th. The show brings together the country’s cultural wealth in fauna and birds.

This year will be the sixty-third anniversary of this tradition which was celebrated for the first time in 1957.
There will be events in the city everyday, especially during the two weekends. Some of these events just happen one day, while others can be enjoyed during several days. Moreover, most of the events are free.

Feria de las Flores 2019 - Program and Highlights Publicity Looking for a VICO 1

Which events should I see?

There is much going on during the Feria de las Flores. Therefore, it is hard to say which are the best options. Here is a short resume of the highlights and the majority of these are for free! Here you can find the full program.

Friday, 2 August: It’s the start of the Feria de las Flores with the inauguration Concert close the Mall Obelisco and the Estadio (Calle 70). From 6:00pm to 1:00am, artists like Gilberto Santa Rosa, Mr. Black, Hebert Vargas and El Tropicomb will animate the free concert.

Saturday 3 August at 3:00pm: It’s the Feria Al Ritmo de Bicicleta. If you ever wanted to conquer the city with your bike, this is your call. This big tour starts at the Luces Park and has a 11kms route to Laureles and back.

Parque Cultural Nocturno

The Parque Cultural Nocturno takes place between Sunday 2nd August and Wednesday 7th August on the Plaza Gardel. Every night will focus on different music styles.

It will start with an Afro night with the participation of Yoruba Andabo, La Pacican Power y Chalupa Travel. The location is the Plaza Gardel, close to the Aeropuerto Olaya Herrera.

The second night will focus on Son y Bolero with the participation of Medellin’s Philharmonic Orchestra and singers like Pala, Alejo García y Mónica Zuluaga or later Maestrío and Ernán López-Nussa.

The last night is an Alternative Music night with the participation of La Toma, Crew Peligrosos, De Bruces a Mí and Blair Big Band.

Local exhibitions and shows

Plaza de las Flores:  In the Plaza de las Flores you can see typical fondas antioqueñas in representation of the corregimientos of Medellín. During these representation, you will see craftsmen and their products, both typical and modern, artists will entertain you.

2nd to 6th of August: It will take place in the Parque Norte.

6th to 9th August: It will take place in the Aeroparque Juan Pablo II 

9th to the 11th: it will take place next to the MAMM, ciudad del Rio

From the 6th of August until the 11th of August you can enjoy the Exposición Feria de las Flores con Orquídeas, Artesanías y Flores in the Botanic Garden between8a.m. and 8p.m. During this exhibit you can see flower-made arts and a lot of orchids. Especially from noon to night, it is a super relaxed and nice option.

Puedes ver toda la belleza de las flores en el Jardín Botánico en Medellín.
You can see the beautiful flowers in the Botanic Garden during the festival. Source: Aerodestinos

Saturday 10th of August, Desfile de Autos Clásicos y Antiguos: During this parade you can see an impressive show of oldtimers.
Sunday 11th of August, end of the Feria: The Desfile de Silleteros with 520 silleteros from 02:00pm to 06:00pm. Go early to get a good spot to watch this highlight of the festival!

Feria de las Flores 2019 - Program and Highlights Feria de Las Flores FriendsofMedellin1
A señora silletera is carrying her silleta during the Feria, some are enormous and have sizes up to 2m x 2m. Courtesy of the Alcaldía
In Addition: Super Concert, Saturday 3 August:

This concert brings you the best latin-american singers, like Ozuna or Marc Anthony and Maluma.

Feria de las Flores 2019 - Program and Highlights flores2

Where can I find more Information?

Oficial website of the Alcaldía
Website of the Feria
Full program day-by-day of the Feria

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