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7 reasons why Co-living is the future

que es un coliving o vivienda compartida

No more than two years ago we were surprised by the term co-working, a shared work space, with everything you need to do your day-to-day work. But the shared economy brings us another concept, Co-living. Here we will give you 7 reasons why co-living is the future.

Co-living is not a new issue, student residences were the first steps of this type of housing, but little by little in major cities renting a room in your home or making the decision to share your space and expenses with friends is something that is lived more frequently. This more than an economic trend, is a new lifestyle within young students, young adults and foreigners who come to the cities to study, do internships or have a work experience for periods not very long, maximum 6 months.

Co living an option to live better

What benefits does co-living bring?

Although there are many myths and cultural barriers that currently exist, there are many more benefits that can be found by having this lifestyle, whether you are the owner of the property, or if you are the one who seeks the service. Here we are going to name you the main ones and that in this way you give yourself the opportunity to have a co-living experience at least once in a lifetime.


In general, people who choose to live in co-living usually do so for short periods of time, for this reason those who are providing these options handle short contracts, with cancellation policies of only 30 days, without the need for a guarantor. In this way you will have greater flexibility in terms of contracts, mobility and lifestyle (know VICO)

7 reasons why Co-living is the future co living rooms


The houses and apartments where the rooms are rented have all you need inside a home, kitchen utensils, kitchen furniture, public services, in your room you have your bed, the space to store your clothes. In many occasions they are residential units where you can make use of the swimming pool, parking, gym, courts and green areas, everything so that your stay is perfect and at the moment of arriving the only thing you have to do is receive your keys.


By living with people who are outside your nearby circle, who have customs and lifestyles different from yours and on many occasions that come from other countries you can meet new cultures, gastronomy, music and points of view. It is opening up to the world in one place. (Share a housing with VICO or live alone?)


Having everything you need for your life, having clear rules of coexistence and living with people who have the same expectations as learning to live independently or who are already fully responsible for themselves, it will be much easier to adopt this style of life. And at this point in life it is where you will understand that simple everyday decisions have an important weight in your experience of living in a Co-living.


One of the reasons for the Co-living to be increasingly stronger are the high costs of living that are currently within the cities, either a rental of a property and much more when it is purchased. Finding a space that has all the comforts for you, in addition to being located near your critical points, whether it is a university or workplace, is not a simple job and you must have areas where prices are too high.

Having a Co-living experience these monthly costs are much easier to handle and are considerably reduced and also finding a room near your critical points can be a much simpler experience.


Today we live in the midst of a strong environmental crisis, where global warming worsens, the consumption of energy sources is higher and the consumption of fossil fuels does much more damage, for this reason the Co-living comes as an alternative to life that has a positive impact on the environment, because the use of appliances such as refrigerators, ovens and washing machines is reduced. And besides being able to choose a space that is close to your workplace you can choose to mobilize in alternative means, walk or use public transport.

7 reasons why Co-living is the future co living rooms 1


If you are a homeowner and you are thinking of renting it, Co-living is also an option for you. You can increase your monthly profitability by renting the rooms to several tenants and not the entire space to one. It is important that you understand that these will stay for short, non-holiday times, that is, not one night or one week, if for periods of up to 6 months.

In Vico, we have a complete process for the accompaniment and advice of the owners to take them through a successful process to be housing managers and in this way

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