¿Cómo puedo quedarme más tiempo en Colombia? (Tipos de Visas)

How can I stay longer in Colombia?

How can I stay longer in Colombia? This is a very frequent question from foreigners, who normally enter the country with a passport as tourists, obtaining a limited stay in terms of time (90 days) and activities to develop (only tourism). Now, how can they


How to pay my rent with VICO?

In order to pay your rent, log in to with your user. Enter into the menu and select “Dashboard”. Afterwards click on “Pay monthly rent”. ¡Select the payment method thats fits best your needs! Wire transfer – An easy solution for the ones with Colombian bank

vista aerial de Bogota Colombia de dia

5 reasons for living in a shared housing in Bogota

Maybe you’re not thinking about a shared housing for your accommodation in Bogota. Living alone sure has its advantages! But here’s why you should at least consider living with roommates. 1. No room for loneliness – You arrive alone but you don’t stay alone Because

Deposit refund VICO rento room medellin

How to get your deposit back with VICO?

1. What is a deposit and why do you pay it? It’s a sum of money you pay when booking your VICO. If no incident happened during your stay, you’ll get your deposit back when you leave the VICO.  In short, it is a guarantee

One guy on a bed and a girl at the desk in a beautiful studio with modern decoration


Indie Studio is the most colorful building in Laureles. Designed for independent creators, it occupies 80% of its beautiful studios, while the hospitality sector in the city does not exceed 2%. Creative universe, rainbow of laurels and coliving of creators are just some of the

Coronavirus prevention Medellin VICO

Urgente: Como podemos enfrentar el coronavirus juntos.

El coronavirus es un tema que nos preocupa a todos y aún no podemos decir con certeza cuáles implicaciones tendrá o cuánto tiempo va a durar esta crisis. Desde nuestra parte en VICO les aseguramos todo el soporte necesario para poder pasar por esta situación juntos.

que es un coliving o vivienda compartida

7 reasons why Co-living is the future

No more than two years ago we were surprised by the term co-working, a shared work space, with everything you need to do your day-to-day work. But the shared economy brings us another concept, Co-living. Here we will give you 7 reasons why co-living is

Locals of Medellín carrying colorful flowers for the Silleteros Parade during the Feria de las Flores in Medellin Colombia

Feria de las Flores 2019 – Program and Highlights

Feria de las Flores: Tradition and actuality. The Feria de las Flores in Medellín is one of the most anticipated events by the paisas in Antioquia. It’s a way of celebrating this culture of entrepreneurship, happiness and colourful traits that characterizes us. In addition to


VICO becomes part of the 500 Startups Accelerator Program.

VICO becomes part of the 500 Startups Accelerator Program VICO is excited to announce that we became part of the latest batch from 500 Startups’ Seed Accelerator based in Mexico City. The 500 Startups’ Seed Accelerator program provides mentorship for early-stage companies based in Latin

A young attractive man is having a drink with a young Colombian girl. He is trying to seducing her. They are very close

10 Tips to meet paisa girls in Medellin

Who better than a real paisa would tell us what we can do or avoid doing when trying to win girls of the Antioquia capital. Aleja will help us with ten exclusive tips to meet and make paisa women to fall in love. First you

Businessman working in the real eastate business showing the profit of the shared housing business with a calculator

VICOs: Shared housing as a business

Shared housing: a promising business With the increase of foreigners arriving in Colombia and Medellin, the housing sector is one of the most benefited, thanks to shared housing as a business. Whether it’s the friendliness of the people, the landscapes or the academic opportunities, people

silhouettes of a crowd during a concert in front of bright stage lights, everyone has his hands raised in the air dancing

Party in Medellín – Top 5 party zones to go out

If you were planning on partying during your stay in Colombia, you choose the right city. There are 5 principal zones to party in Medellín: Lleras, Barrio Colombia, La 33, La 70 and Las Palmas. The most popular is Lleras. They correspond to different budgets, so whatever the

Beautiful sunset in Medellín Colombia seen from the south part of the city on December afternoon with the buildings of the Poblado neighborhood in the foreground and the mountains of Medellin in the background

Room near EAFIT in Medellin- What you need to know

Are you thinking of studying at EAFIT and looking for a room near the university? Here is all you need to know to find a room near EAFIT: The EAFIT university is located in the commune 14 “El Poblado“. However, there are multiple neighborhoods within this

Many old and new books in a vintage book shop or library

Fiesta del Libro y la Cultura in Medellin

Everything you need to know about la Fiesta del Libro y la Cultura in Medellin: The first version of la fiesta del libro (at that time fair) was held on March 12, 1993 but it was not constant every year because the conditions were different.

Young hipster girl with bright backpack enjoying the panoramic view of the mountains of Medellin, using a map to know where to go and what to do uring her first days in Medellin

What to do on your first days in Medellin?

Your departure to the city of the eternal spring is getting closer and closer? You already see yourself walking down the streets of Medellín? But are you sure you’re ready for your arrival? Don’t worry, VICO put together a list of things to visit but