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Lookouts in Medellín – Top 5 of the best spots to admire the city

A couple is looking at the mountains of Medellin and the lights of the city during sunset at Las Palmas, one of the best viewpoints of Medellin
Here are the best places to see the incredible panorama of the Aburra Valley and how to get there

Medellín is geographically attractive since it is located in a valley. Thanks to that great location, the city offers a lot of impressive high lookouts from where you can admire the incredible landscape. The most popular lookouts in the city are: Comuna 13, Cerro Nutibara (known as “pueblito paisa”), Las PalmasCerro el Volador and Cerro el Pichacho.

When you think about Medellín, you surely think “the city of the eternal spring” full of flowers, innovation, kind and happy people and, of course, great adventures. Being in Medellín, you have a lot of things to do and one of them is definitely admiring the beauty of the city from a really high point. This is why VICO gives you a list of the 5 best lookout points of Medellín to enjoy a sight that will take your breath away. 

Lookouts in Medellín - Top 5 of the best spots to admire the city Medellín FOM View
Vistas de Medellín – Source:

Las palmas lookouts – Paisa gastronomy to enjoy

Located near the José María Córdova Airport and the east of Antioquia, Las Palmas has two big lookouts  to visit. Those are one of the best options to check out the landscape of the city from a really high point. It is more popular during the sunsets and at nights. Moreover, you can find a variety of paisa food such as the well known hot chocolate with cheese. It is recommendable to bring something warm since the temperature gets lower and lower with the height. To get there, you should use shared transports, maybe using taxi or Uber, even better if you have your own car. There are no buses to get to the lookouts directly but you can use the ones who go to the east of Antioquia or to the airport. They don’t have an official bus stop but you can take them from the San Diego mall.

Lookouts in Medellín - Top 5 of the best spots to admire the city PALMAS VIEW FOM
Vista desde Las Palmas – Source:

Cerro Nutibara – The most typical lookout

It is mostly known as the “Pueblito Paisa” it is a replica of a typical paisa town. The Cerro Nutibara need to be one of your “must dos” of Medellín. The plus of the place is the free admission, the great restaurants and of course the breathtaking lookout. From there you have one of the greatest views of the city. To get there you can walk from “La 33” street (the walk is about 15-20 minutes) or you can use other transports like your own car, taxi or Uber. It is open everyday from 8a.m. until 10p.m..

Lookouts in Medellín - Top 5 of the best spots to admire the city Publito Paisa FOM
Pueblito Paisa – Source: Flickr-AlexToro

Comuna 13 – Connected with the community

“The best balcony in the city”. The Comuna 13 is located in the San Javier neighborhood. You can reach the lookout by an escalator, symbol of the innovation for peace in the middle of a place that suffered too much during the violent period of Medellín.

From that exceptional viewpoint, you can see how the houses zigzag and climb the mountains in a indescriptible show. You have a lot of options to get there. You can go there with any transportation method: Metro (Line B until San Javier station), bus, taxi or Uber. Don’t miss the chance of watching a sunset from this place full of colorful houses.

Lookouts in Medellín - Top 5 of the best spots to admire the city Comuna 13 FOM
Comuna 13 – Source: – Comuna 13 graffiti tour

Cerro el Volador: An Eco Park in the heights

Located in the west center of Medellín, the Cerro el Volador has become the ideal place for those who want to practice some physical activities and to take a look at Medellín from 82 meters up. In 1992, it was declared as an Historical and natural heritage of the Nation. The access to the Cerro is also completely free and you can access the lookout from the carrera 65, through the San Germán neighborhood.

Lookouts in Medellín - Top 5 of the best spots to admire the city CerroElVolador FOM
Cerro El Volador – Source:

Cerro El Pichacho – The best panoramic view

In the North-west of Medellín, at more than 2,000 meters above the sea level, is located the Ecoparque Mirador Cerro El Picacho. This place is mainly for recreational, religious and nature tourism purposes. At the top of the Cerro you can enjoy the most complete and spectacular panoramic view of the Aburrá Valley. Moreover, multiple ecological activities can be carried out in this place. So it is worth the visit if you want to enjoy a the best view of the city.

Lookouts in Medellín - Top 5 of the best spots to admire the city El Pichacho FOM
Cerro El Picacho – Source:

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the view of this amazing city crossed by a river and placed between mountains!

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