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Share a housing with VICO or live alone?

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When we go to live in a different city or country we find ourselves with a frequent doubt about the place where we are going to live: will it be better to live alone or in a VICO?
Portrait of a caucasian man hesitating between living alone or in a shared housing. He is holding is chin and looking away, he looks very confused.

Today in VICO we bring you the advantages and disadvantages of each of these options so that you can consider them and make the best decision according to your personality and according to what you are looking for.

A young woman is sitting on the floor of her house in the middle of cardboard boxes because she is moving out.
Alone: alone you have
control over your things.

Vico: in case you lack
something you can find someone to lend you and / or share with
Alone: you are alone, if something is missing you will have to leave the
and get it.

Vico: although you do not want
other people could have access to
your things, either by mistake or by daring.
Alone: you can manage the environment to your accommodation,
if you want silence you will have it.

Vico: There will be days to celebrate and make a lot of noise.
Alone: Loneliness and silence are not very encouraging.

Vico: There will be days to celebrate and make a lot of noise even when you do not want it that way.

Alone: It’s your space and you decide how to use it.

Vico: You can share the space with several people and have a nice time.

Alone: You enjoy things alone, you have no one to share with unless you make invitations.

Vico: Sometimes you will want to have your own space outside your room but it will always be a shared space.
Alone: your problems will be fix
it by yourself!

Vico: Together you can face any kind of difficulties.

Alone: It is always good to have a
friendly voice to solve certain

Vico: you will not always be as close as they should be.

Alone: You can use your time
and skills to learn new things
like: languages

Vico: friends from different
nationalities can teach you other

Alone: You do not have the
opportunity to practice another
language with another person.

Vico: you can be in a vico where all
the people speak the same language as you, so you would not have how
to practice.
Alone: you live your own

Vico: You share with people from diferent parts of the world and
you get rich in culture and

Alone: You have no way to share
part of your culture in daily life.

Vico: may not all of these
experiences please you.

In a stage like the university, the best option would be to find a vico so you can share with more people like you, but if you are a person who prefers calm and a lot of privacy, living alone will be the right thing to do.

If you are thinking about opting for a VICO in Medellin, you should read our post “Barrios en Medellín” to choose the neighborhood that will best suit to your needs and priorities.

Once the decision is made, you can start your search on our website

Share a housing with VICO or live alone? Publicity Looking for A VICO

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