Conocé nuestras ofertas de apartamentos en Colombia en Junio! to find room in Medellín & Alternatives

Nice student bedroom on a university campus with a single bed, a big desk, a cupboard and a large window
Within all the options you have to find a room in Medellín, you can use CompartoApto

Suddenly you have found many options when looking for a room for rent in the city of Medellin or maybe you have not found any … it may be that you have several but do not trust them. All these scenarios are possible, that is why VICO explains the process to search through one of the most used pages

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Procedure to find a room in the city of Medellín through

  1. . Enter the city (in this specific case it will be Medellin) or the sector where you want to find housing.
  2. Sign up or log in with Facebook to access the results of your search.
  3. You create an “announcement” to begin your search where you define sector, budget and your personal information.
  4. The announcement will keep active and in the profile you will receive messages from users who offer their rooms, if you are not interested into waiting, you can do the search by yourself.
  5. In the “search” option you will set the sector again and more specifically the search radius in km.
  6. The search will give you a map with the locations and rooms offered.
  7. You will have access to look at certain options, save favorites and contact some of the owners because they limit the possibilities to have a “basic user” so they ask you to subscribe.

When performing the analysis these were certain advantages and disadvantages that we found throughout the process:

Screenshot of the homepage of the website

Advantages of CompartoApto:

  • You can filter by the budget you have.
  • There is a lot of offer
  • You can wait for offers or look for them by yourself.

Disadvantages of CompartoApto:

  • You must register before you can do your search, otherwise you will not have access to the offer.
  • The photos of the rooms do not always have the best quality.
  • If you want more benefits you must get a premium account. (In the regular plan: 18,000COP / 15 days)
  • The messages in the inbox can be overwhelming, let’s face it nobody likes a full inbox.

Your alternative: VICO – VIVIR ENTRE AMIGOS to find room in Medellín & Alternatives logo largo

VICO is the first real community for shared living in Medellín & Colombia, find not only a room but as well new friends and like minded persons.
Enter and start looking for a room in a shared flat


  1. You know our offer clearly, you do not need to register to see rooms.
  2. We focus on students & young persons, this is why you will have the possibility to filter your search according to the university you attend or go to attend in addition to the availability of the rooms (you will not waste your time seeing home that are not available for your date of arrival).
  3. Clear photos of the rooms and complete information on the services provided as well as the owner of the VICO. We do not want misunderstandings so the information is clear from the first day.
  4. Manage your times, as long as the room is available you can reserve it for the dates that you need it or have another option: schedule an appointment to know the house personally before making your reservation.
  5. We know the owners, we would not offer you anything that we would not choose.
  6. We know your needs, VICO is a tool to help other students, created by students.
  7. Security and trust, everything you need when choosing the place where you will live.

We accompany you in the process because we know what your needs are. We wait for you!

Image to find a room in Medellin with VICO

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