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5 reasons for living in a shared housing in Bogota

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Maybe you’re not thinking about a shared housing for your accommodation in Bogota. Living alone sure has its advantages! But here’s why you should at least consider living with roommates.

1. No room for loneliness – You arrive alone but you don’t stay alone

Because Bogota is the capital of Colombia, and a great city to live in, more and more young professionals move to the city. With more than 8.000.000 inhabitants, it’s a very multicultural hub. Many new people from all corners of Colombia and the world come with the motivation to adapt themselves to the culture. Hence the importance of sharing housing in Bogota.

A very common fear and downside of moving to a new city is the loneliness. This is one of the main reasons why many people choose to live in a VICO (Shared Housing).

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It is very likely that your first contacts will be the people you’ll live with. And, in most cases, the relationship with them will have an impact on your social life in the city.

The two roomies from The big bang theory show are together in their the living room of their shared housing

Time and co-living will do their job and, without even seeing it coming, your roommates will become your social nucleus. You’ll probably do a lot of activities with them, like pre-drinks before going a the party or share a Sunday afternoon.

Living in a share housing in Bogota helps so much to avoid loneliness. But it goes beyond that. It helps to meet new people all the time. Indeed, your roommates will have friends outside of VICO and you too. You’ll end up meeting a lot of different social groups and bringing those groups together will happen at some point.

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2. Divide costs and save money in a shared housing

You can talk with your friends in your shared house to split the expenses of the housing. Agreeing on the main needs helps to benefit financially. So the costs of some services or goods can be divided up depending.

Another advantage of choosing a VICO (=Vivienda Compartida, shared housing) is that the rent includes all the bills. You won’t have extra expenses, which means… more money for you to spend in other things!

gif of a man sitting on a couch with a crown and sunglasses. He has a lot of money because he spends less living in shared housing

3. Limited space in Bogota means expensive private apartments

Bogota is the biggest metropolitan area of Colombia. And the number of people moving to Bogota grows every year. Because the valley is surrounded by mountains, the space in the city is limited and expensive. You see the advantage of a VICO? Living alone in an apartment costs much more for a smaller space. If you stay in a shared house, you can enjoy larger social areas for a cheaper rent! Win-win right?

Hombre haciendo el tour de una casa super grande preguntando sorprendido "cuantas salas tiene esta casa?"

4. A shared housing in Bogota helps you to get out of the routine

Not everyone who lives in a VICO studies at the same university or work at the same place. That’s why people from different areas of the city meet and several organizations have emerged in the city. You can find many integration organizations that mix the social groups. In other words, you don’t have to go out with the same people all the time. These organizations are active throughout the whole city, mixing many different groups and nationalities.

Gif of Winston Bishop dacing and drinking beer, saying "join the fiesta"

5. Cooking in company

One of the signs that things are flowing inside the house is the relationship in the kitchen. Not only is it extremely economical cooking with your roomies but it is also fun. If the tasks are divided, everyone can enjoy an unforgettable and simple dinner.

Gif from the show Friends with Chandler and Monica. Monica's dancing with her head inside of a chicken. The chicken has yellow sunglasses

Finally, we hope that with these reasons you have a clearer idea of what you want. Once you chose the kind of accommodation you want to live in, let’s decide where! Check out the 3 most popular neighborhoods to live in Bogota for newcomers here.

We know that you want to live the experience to the fullest, do not wait to find your room and meet your friends with VICO!

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