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Discount code for a VICO! How do I generate it?

Publicity for VICO's student discounts for shops, bars, restaurants, activities in Medellin Colombia
Want a discount code on any VICO room to help your friends to find the perfect VICO while you earn extra money?

As at VICO we greatly appreciate all our friends and users, we have decided to develop the option to create a discount code so you can help your friend or people you know, to find a discount with VICO.

That’s why today we’ll explain you in a simple step by step guide what you must do to generate your discount code, help your friends to find the perfect VICO and earn extra money.

Step by step to generate your discount code

First you must enter Then you must register or log in if you already have an account.

getvico codigo de descuento

Second click on “My Profile” drop-down menu and then click on “My Referrals” option.

getvico codigo de descuento

Third, a tab will open where you will find a box to create your unique code and the corresponding information.

getvico codigo de descuento

Share your code !! Now you can give your code to all your friends or people you know who need a VICO.

What are you waiting for? Create your code here and share it with your friends.

How to use a discount code?

Once you entered the platform with your registered user, all you have to do is search for the room you want to book.

After clicking “contact”, you must enter the date of arrival and departure of the VICO, write a message to the owner and enter your discount code. The system will notify you when the code has been accepted.

Once the owner of the VICO will have accepted your application, you will see a screen on which you can find the detail of the first payment mentioning discount you got.

Discount code for a VICO! How do I generate it? Publicity Looking for a VICO 1

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