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Mobile plan in Medellín – which plan better suits your needs?

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Claro, Movistar, Tigo… Here are the different operators you can use during your stay in Colombia.

When we leave our country of origin, one of the first things to do is buy a Mobile plan. It’s important to know how to communicate once we arrive to our destination. In each country the telephony code is different. So the wifi signals or the data plan that we choose  will be decisive to not lose communication and one of the main objectives is that our cell phone will be a guide that we have at hand.

Today VICO will show you the most used operators in the city so that you can choose according to what you prefer.
First you must know that there are two modalities. And you can find them at any cell phone operator. It is easy to find a mobile plan that has data and minutes. Here are the different options:

Prepaid plan:

When you have a prepaid cell phone, it means that you have to pay in advance what you plan to consume, that is, you recharge your cell phone with minutes and a data plan so that it can work, otherwise you simply will not have access to  internet or your social networks, or not even minutes to call other operators. As long as you monitor your use, prepaid plans can be an excellent way to save money and avoid large bills.

Postpaid plan:

This modality allows you to pay for your cell phone services at the expired month, that is to say, activate your plan with the operator and every month you will receive a bill for what you consume, select what benefits you want, how many minutes per month and the speed of your data and internet. However, this plan is for people who have a foreigner card, since you need to have a credit history that guarantees that you can pay.
Colombia has one of the best services in SIM cards in South America, you can get  1GB of data from $ 20,000, so you will save money and reduce your expenses.

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  1. Try to buy your SIM in the main branches of each mobile operator, in authorized sites or with insured retail providers then you will avoid problems when reloading your SIM in case the number is already working.
  2. If you are going to buy a cell phone that is in an authorized place, in Colombia there is a strong black market for mobile telephony, many of the cell phones that are distributed in this market are stolen, it can bring you serious problems, from the blocking of your cell phone, until responding to justice.
  3. Ask the seller of your SIM to configure it, so you will save time and it will be much easier and faster to use your data plan and minutes.

Claro, the most used.

Claro is a mobile phone company that dominates in the Colombian market, according to the portal ‘Dinero,’, 49.34% of line users use this operator, you can check here. The whole country has coverage of the Claro signal, so if you plan to travel a lot through Colombia, this would be the SIM indicated for your Smartphone, having this benefit means that the cost of the prepaid or postpaid plans is a little bit higher than  other companies, however, keep in mind the plus of your signal.
In the case of Medellin and in general Antioquia, you should keep in mind that it is a territory surrounded by mountains, which makes it difficult on many occasions to receive a signal on mobile phones.
In Claro, you find rates from 40MB valid for a day with a price of $ 2,000, until  2GB for 30 days for a price of $ 42,900.
A Simcard of any operator has an average price between $ 5,000 to $ 10,000

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Here you can consult more about your telephony and internet:

Movistar, a versatile option.

This operator came to the Colombian market after Claro, has coverage of almost 80% in the national territory, and internet plans and minutes that can be attached to the pocket of users who are looking for something a little more comfortable to pay.
The download speed of Movistar in 4G is 18.05 Mbps, the best chance of this signal to work well it comes from  the users of this operator, with a 62% connectivity percentage.
If the most important thing for you is having a good internet coverage, the best option should be this, in addition, having good data on your Smartphone can help you to make any query about the city where you are, high quality in range in your Gps and availability of your social networks.
In Movistar you find rates from 100MB valid for a day with a price of $ 1,700, until 3GB for 30 days for a price of $ 52,900.

Mobile plan in Medellín - which plan better suits your needs? logo movistar

Here you can consult more about your telephony and internet:

Tigo-Une, entertainment on your Smartphone.

About 20% of the population in Colombia uses the services of the Tigo operator for their mobile telephony, this has 13 Premium benefits in its postpaid modality that were contemplated taking into account that nowadays  people not only use the cell phone to make calls or chat.

One of the most outstanding applications of the Premium package is Bussu, it helps you to learn languages, it works as a social network and has more than 60 million users, it offers tools to develop speaking, reading, writing and listening skills in another language, practicing with native speakers. A perfect application if you can not speak Spanish very well and want to learn.
There is another option that is, “Music that does not spend your data”, Qello Concerts and Deezer’s license are within these Premium benefits of Tigo.
Keep in mind that as it is a postpaid plan with several benefits have a price that can be a little bit higher, ranging between $ 70,000 and $ 150,000, it all depends on your needs and the time you stay in the country, but you can choose a prepaid plan.
In Tigo you can find rates from 100MB valid for a day with a price of $ 3,700, up to 3GB for 30 days for a price of $ 45,000.

Mobile plan in Medellín - which plan better suits your needs? SCytZu 1 400x400

Here you can consult more about your telephony and internet:

The main operators are the three that we have mentioned, however, in the city you can find a wide range of SIMCARDS for your cell phone, Virgin Movile and Avantel are also a very good option and their data plans and minutes may be more in line with your needs, plus you can recharge what you want.

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