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Inconveniences in your VICO that you can easily solve

Dirty kitchen with a lot of dirty plates and utensils in the sink, one of the biggest problem in a shared living
Here are our tips to avoid problems between your guests in your shared housing.

In VICO we want to avoid you inconveniences. That is why we are looking for promoting a cheerful and friendly environment by providing tips to prevent problems that may arise in your VICO.

compartir sin inconvenientes
We promote an environment of friendship and trust in the VICOs

It is normal that when sharing spaces with people from different cultures, inconveniences may arise. That is why maintaining open and honest communication is key.

One culture is not better or worse than the other, it’s just different!

It is never too much to inform yourself about the culture of the people whom you will share your VICO with.

These initiatives facilitate communication, avoid possible inconveniences and provide a better idea of the way in which your new friends perceive the world.

Again, communication is the most important, be interested in knowing the other and open up to new customs, this will make life in your VICO much better.

Evitar juzgar las culturas
no culture is better than another

Trust and Order, pillars for a good coexistence      

Cleaning needs vary, so it is important to know how to deal with this problem

Collaborative attitudes are key, a “clean only if messy” rarely improves coexistence.

In these cases a wheel of responsibilities, lists of tasks or applications such as “Flatastic” are great help in the day by day of a VICO.

Share expenses, a benefit for all

Do you feel that you waste money? Is your food wasted in the fridge?

Use a family budget. At the beginning of the month, gather money in a common box for the purchase of items such as oil, coffee, salt, soap, toilet paper …

This way everybody share the expenses of elements that everyone uses in their day by day, saving costs and creating a more sustainable environment.

Activities together, another way to solve problems

The ideal to strengthen ties is to look for spaces and activities (outside your VICO) to share and get to know each other better.

Beyond having neighbors, what we want in VICO is that you have new friends from different cultures.

Forming bonds of friendship is also a key factor when creating a pleasant VICO in which everybody can enjoy a good coexistence.

evitar inconvenientes juntos
Plan activities outside of your VICO, meet your new friends

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