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What makes a housing great for the shared living business (VICO)?

Beautiful clean kitchen well organized and equiped with all the utensils and condiments necessary to cook.
Here are important elements that make a house a great place for a VICO

Have a VICO near strategic points such as universities or shared work spaces.

However, the proximity to strategic points is not the only reason to have a VICO.

Some make the decision because they don’t like to live alone and want to make new friends. And others do it for business, since renting furnished rooms is much better than renting only the house.

Whatever the reason for having a shared home is, something is clear. If you want your future guests to be interested in your VICO, you must provide what is essential for them to be comfortable.

Below we will give you some tips to have an attractive and welcoming VICO for your guests.

Have a good kitchen

Something very important in a VICO is the kitchen, since for many it is more affordable to cook their own food..

Therefore, you need to have a fully equipped kitchen, so that your guests have a good experience when cooking.

Importancia de la cocina en una VICO
The kitchen is an important space, due to the time that many people spend there

The living room as a social space

Also the living room is vital, since that is where your guests can relax, socialize and get to know each other better.

La importancia de la sala en una VICO
Having a living room is important because there people get together and socialize

The Room – Privacy and comfort

Last but not least are the rooms. It is important to have the basic elements so that the students can rest and carry out their academic activities.

la importancia de la habitación en una VICO
Having a good room is important since it is your personal space in the vico

At the time of receiving your guests you can also help them to put together a plan of coexistence in which there are established rules and thus improve the day by day in the VICO.

A good example of this is the “Flatastic” application, which helps distribute household chores fairly and equitably.

You are just a couple of clicks away from creating your own VICO!

If you want to see what are the basic elements that a VICO must have, download this PDF, there you will find a detailed list.  

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