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Taxis in Medellin – How to easily use the Taxi system in the city

Taxi riding during the night with a focus on the yellow and black taxi light sign
Everything you need to know about taxis in Medellin:
  • In Medellín, taxis work with a taximeter calculating distance and time
  • The minimum fare is $5.400 COP
  • Apps to request a taxi: Easytaxi 
  • It is better to take the taxi in a visible place and send someone the license plate in case you left something in it or something happens (never be too careful). 
Taxis in Medellín
Taxi in Medellín – Source: El Colombiano

Taxis in Medellín

The taxi system in the city of Medellín can be named as one of the best in the country. Certainly, it is a quick and easy option when you urgently need to move in the city because there are a lot of them.
The payment method is usually cash and the fare for a ride is determined by the taximeter. It always must be located in full view of the passenger inside of the vehicle. 

You can request a taxi at any time of the day and night in the street. However, we recommend one more time taking it in a visible place or ordering it through a mobile app or a trusted phone number. That way you can trace the taxi and choose the payment method (cash or credit card). 

Taxis in Medellin - How to easily use the Taxi system in the city Transport Friends Of Medellin

Apps to request a Taxi

In this case, the most used app to request a taxi in Medellín is EasyTaxi. This app is the fusion of Easy Taxi and Tappsi, who used to be the second leader of the market before being bought by the leader EasyTaxi. The app is available in different operating systems (Android, iOS). They also have a web version in case you don’t have a smartphone. So all you need to do is download the app or go into their web page, create an account and you’re all set to request a taxi!

Apps to request for a taxi in the city.
Merging of the two biggest taxi apps in Medellín. Source: El Comercio


Take into account that, using a taxi, there is no way to estimate the total cost of a ride (unlike Uber) because it depends on the route, the time on the vehicle, the traffic jams in the city and some other factors.
The taximeter calculates the fares based on the following indicators:

  • Starting of the journey: $3,200
  • Minimum value for one trip: $5,200
  • Value for every 78 meters: $100
  • Waiting time (60 seconds): $200
  • Hired time (per hour): $25,200
  • José María Córdova Airport rate: $75,000, including the toll payment.

Have a nice trip!

Although the taxis in Medellín are quite cheap, using it all the time can end up being a bit expensive. Fortunately, the city has a very developed and innovative public transportation system. Read more about the Metro, the Metrocable, the Metroplús, the Tranvía, the buses in Medellín. Likewise, the city offers a free bike system Encicla. So you have more than enough solutions to go from one point to another in the whole city. You can also learn more about the Cívica card that gives you access to most of the public transportation lines in the most easy and effective way. 

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