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Party in Medellín – Top 5 party zones to go out

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If you were planning on partying during your stay in Colombia, you choose the right city.

There are 5 principal zones to party in Medellín: Lleras, Barrio Colombia, La 33, La 70 and Las Palmas. The most popular is Lleras. They correspond to different budgets, so whatever the state of your bank account, you’ll find somewhere to party in Medellín. 

Medellín is well known for a lot of things. It’s an innovative city with incredibly amiable people, breath-taking landscapes and an impressive development historynightlife. However, that’s not it. The party in Medellín also deserves to appear on the city’s best assets. Indeed, it has a lot of places with different environments (for every preference) with different cost and plans to enjoy.

For a typical Colombian party, you should opt for La 33, La 70 or some specific places in the rest of Medellín. But those two streets are the main areas for a local experience. They not only offer clubs but also nice bars and restaurants.

Party in Medellín - Top 5 party zones to go out Rumba FOM

El Lleras – The most popular zone

The most recognized party zone in Medellín. Placed on El Poblado, it is the biggest reference of the party in Medellín and it is well known because you can find there nightclubs, bars, even coffee shops and restaurants, everything in a same place. The reference there is the Lleras Park and the discos are just around it and in its multiple streets. It doesn’t have an estimated price that you need to party here because it is so variable that you can find really cheap places as well of really expensive places. If you go walking up to the Calle 10 you will arrive to Provenza where you are going to find a zone full of restaurants and if you walk down in the opposite direction you are going to find the Poblado Park, popularly known as “el PP”.

Party in Medellín - Top 5 party zones to go out Lleras

Barrio Colombia – A very exclusive party

A neighborhood specially dedicated to the nightlife, close to the Industriales Metro station, Barrio Colombia has some of the most exclusive nightclubs of Medellín, these are really spacious because there is a lot more space than in the nightclubs of the Lleras. It can be a lot more expensive to party in this zone and the location is farther away but it is an option for the people who want different experiences in big nightclubs. You can also find bars and some restaurants in this zone.

Party in Medellín - Top 5 party zones to go out Barrio Colombia


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La 33 – The “Paisa” Party

For those who want a typical and colombian party in the city, la 33 is the ideal option. From where it crosses with the south highway to the roundabout of the 80 you are going to find divided in blocks, sectors with very colombian nightclubs. But as well in the rest of the city, you can find different thematics, Rock bars, different music genres, crossover, etc. The party here is a lot more affordable than in the two previously named zones but you have to take into account the place where you are going to party.

Party in Medellín - Top 5 party zones to go out La 33
La 33. Source: El Colombiano

La 70 – Colombianafternoons and nights

Another sector with a very colombian environment and really close to walk is la 70 (which is in the process to change its name to the “Libertadores de América” as a tribute to the local team Atlético Nacional). Here you can find small bars to drink a beer in the afternoon and fondas discotheques to have a fun night with your friends. In the circular streets that cross la 70, there are a lot of restaurants for every taste and also in the same street there are a lot of food stands that can be a good option. The budget is really affordable, the distribution of this zone is a straight line from the UPB to the stadium, so walking and picking a place to stay is really comfortable.

Party in Medellín - Top 5 party zones to go out La 70
La tienda de la 70 – Source:

Las Palmas – At the top of Medellín

If you are looking for a remote and exclusive option, even with a cooler weather but still in the city you don’t have to go far away. Your option is Las Palmas. Better known for its viewpoints located via the airport, it has fondas and restaurants with a beautiful view of the city and a nice weather mostly at night. The options to go there are: your own car, by taking a taxi or requesting for an Uber. If you decide to go party to this zone you should be prepared to spend a bit more than what you are use to in the Lleras or any other places.

Party in Medellín - Top 5 party zones to go out Palmas FOM

Enjoy the party!

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