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Uber in Medellín – What you need to know before using Uber in Medellín

Woman holding her phone with a ride sharing app open to book a ride with Uber in Medellin
Uber in Medellín - What you need to know before using Uber in Medellín UBER Prius Banner image jpeg
Uber banner Source:

Uber in Medellín

  • Good service.
  • Direct competition for taxi and undefined legal situation.
  • Registration with cellphone number and credit card.
  • Payment with credit card and cash.
  • Variable rate depending on the demand and supply (on rush hour is expensive).
  • App gives you an estimated rate.
Uber arrived to Medellín.
Uber arrived to Medellín. Source:

Uber arrived to the city of Medellín at the beginning of 2015. Its arrival generated discontent in the Taxi drivers guild because Uber drivers became their direct competition. However, it became a really popular service in the citizenship. 
In general, this platform is successful in all countries despite reprisals taken against them by the taxi drivers. An other problem is that its legal situation is also undefined. It is a highly recommended transportation method because sometimes it can be cheaper than taking a taxi and also the service marks a difference from others.

Join Uber

Uber connects you
Uber connects you. Source: Google Play

To join Uber you just need a credit card to complete your registration. Your user is your mobile number. That way, your driver can communicate with you when you request a service. After finishing with your registration, you are ready to start using the platform. You also have the possibility to use a promo code to obtain credit on your first journey. In the same way, you can also get a promo code you can share with your friends that are not using the app so that they can have discounts on their first journey. Once they use it, you obtain discounts for promoting the app.

Get to know the fare of your trip

One of the advantages of using this platform is that you have the possibility to see the approximate fare of your journey, because the app asks you to introduce an arrival address. Take into account that as it is an approximate fare it can change maybe if you take alternative routes or you stop in different places, but in general the rate stays the same at the end of the journey.

Example of a Code for discounts on your first trip.
Example of an code for discounts on your first trip.

 How is the fare calcutated

Uber fares are calculated in the following way:

  • Base Fare: $2.500 COP, it means the price of starting a trip.
  • Minimum Fare: $4.600 COP
  • Minute of service: $100 COP
  • Kilometer: $625 COP

Uber has something called “Dynamic fare”, the app tells you when the service is on that fare. This means that the approximate cost of a trip is higher than usual because of the demand of drivers requested. In this moments it is better to wait a couple of minutes, refresh the app and request your car one more time to see if the rate decreased.

Uber Fare
Uber Fare

Suggestions to use Uber in Medellin

Our suggestions to use this service are:

  • Take a look at the dynamic fare: If the service is on this state, as we said it before, wait for a couple of minutes, close and reopen the app and request for your car to check if the fare decreased. If it is not like this, try again or consider a different transport method.
  • Rate your driver: in this way we help each other and we can get an idea of who is our driver and how happy you are with the service.
  • Get into the car in the front sit: Uber drivers prefer that if you are traveling alone or with more people, someone needs to be on the co-pilot spot because lately there has been uncomfortable episodes from taxi drivers to uber drivers. Is a security matter.
  • Be ready: Uber drivers can rate users too, in this way you have an order in the system and it can be a nice environment in each trip, be ready for the arrival of your car, be kind and respect the security norms.

With this simple recommendations we can keep the Uber system working in Medellín and you can comfortably move around the city.
Have a nice trip!

Discover other transportation means in Medellín

Although Uber in Medellín is quite cheap, using it all the time can end up being a bit expensive. Fortunately, the city has a very developed and innovative public transportation system. Read more about the Metro, the Metrocable, the Metroplús, the Tranvía, the buses in Medellín. Likewise, the city offers a free bike system Encicla. So you have more than enough solutions to go from one point to another in the whole city. You can also learn more about the Cívica card that gives you access to most of the public transportation lines in the most easy and effective way. 

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