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Traveling around Colombia- How to plan your trip?

Traveler planning a trip around Colombia with a world map with other travel accessories around.
Once again: welcome to Colombia and especially to Medellín, friend!

We hope that our previous tips on safety, what to bring and what to do in the city have been of great help to you all. Now, we would like to inform you about the Colombian calendar and give you some relevant tips to travel internally. So if you’re interested in discovering the rest of the country, this article might be very useful. 

In case you didn’t know, Colombia is one of the two countries in the world with the highest number of non-working holidays, the second being India (BBC, study conducted by the international consultancy Mercer). So you will get time to travel for sure!

Public Holidays 2019 in Colombia

First, here is the calendar for these first 6 months of the year:

Traveling around Colombia- How to plan your trip? Calendar public holidays 2019 Colombia
Complete calendar here,

As you may notice, most holidays in Colombia are religious holidays. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to be a religious person to get these days off. You can always enjoy those public holidays, whatever your religion.

Where to travel in Colombia?

Traveling around Colombia- How to plan your trip? CO FOM

Recently, the Colombian government launched the “Colombia: the land of sabrosura” campaign to promote tourism. It highlights the best places to visit in Colombia through blogs on their webpage. They offer the option to create an itinerary and you can also see the most important events of the city you are heading to. The best thing is that the page is available in 8 languages, making it easier for everyone to understand! If you have no idea where to go for your next travel, you can visit this page:


Traveling around Colombia- How to plan your trip? viajar FOM

As a good traveler, you know that it’s better to book and buy tickets in advance. So next, we want to give you some information about the best low cost airlines in Colombia.


It is a low cost commercial passenger airline that started operating on May 25, 2012. Its operations center is the José María Córdova International Airport of Rionegro that provides service to Medellín. Often visit their website to have access to multiple promotions as most of them are for a limited time. The starting price may vary depending on the time of the purchase, and this will only include the price of the ticket and a carry-on baggage. If you want checked bags, the price will of course increase.


It is a Colombian low cost airline, part of Copa Airlines who officially launched the airline in December 2016. You will find very good promotions and even international destinations on this page.


Avianca is not a low cost airline. However, if you want to carry more luggage, the prices here are sometimes the same or even cheaper than VivaAir and Wingo. So it never hurts to check out there too!

If you are one of those who prefer to travel by road, you can buy tickets online on pages such as You also always have the option to go to the Transportation Terminal (South or North depending on where you are going) to find a greater variety of destinations.
If you are not sure what terminal you need, visit the page: TerminalesMedellí

Where to stay?

Traveling around Colombia- How to plan your trip? stay fom
Source: cronicaglobal

During the last years, the number of hostels in the country has increased exponentially. So there are always nice, modern and quality hostel options to travel. You can use any of the online search engines such as If instead you are looking for something more individual, like an apartment or private rooms, check in
Now that you have all the relevant information you just have to choose a date, your transport and find a place to stay so you can enjoy your tour through the country.

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