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Moving to Mexico City

Mexico City's best neighbourhoods to live in

Mexico City is the capital of Mexico. Nightlife in Mexico City. Streets of the center with blurred people, bars, restaurants and cafes.

La Condesa

El lugar favorito de los extranjeros

La Condesa is the most popular commune to live in for foreigners in Mexico City. Safe, central dynamic and cosmopolitan, it’s a great area to meet people and go out. There, you will find the largest choice of restaurants, bars, nightlife spots  and see all kinds of events. Because of all the universities around the area, La Condesa is students’ and young foreigners’ favorite neighborhood to rent a room.

Average monthly rent for a room: 305$USD

Coyoacan Mexico city rent a room


An artsy and relaxed lifestyle

Not as “touristic” as La Condesa, people love Coyoacan for its relaxed lifestyle and its taste of Mexican culture. Colourful, artsy and traditional it’s like a little town in the city. It has of everything: great restaurants, museums, flowery squares, touristic sights and good spots to hang out with your friends. So if you’re looking for an artsy and chill neighbourhood to live in, Coyoacan is your go-to area!

Average monthly rent for a room: 220$USD

Rooms, studios and apartments to rent in Mexico City Sunset at Horacio Avenue near Polanco. Panoramuc aerial view near the Palacio de Hierro you can see in the background the famous mall Antara Mexico city 2


The modern high-class district

Polanco is probably the best place to live in if you’re a professional. With a high concentration of office towers and headquarters, the area is always dynamic during the week. If you’re a foodie, you’ll be more than satisfied with the huge offer of international restaurants. It also has its fair share of museums, galleries, parks and activities. However, public transportation is pretty limited around Polanco.

Average monthly rent for a room: 435$USD

How to find an accommodation to rent in Mexico City?

Palacio de Bellas Artes Mexico city rent a room

1. Know what you are looking for

Mexico has a lot to offer. Before searching, know your budget and the neighbourhoods that correspond to your needs. You should try to live close to your university/office to save money and time on transportation.
For example, do you like to party or prefer a quieter area? It should influence your decision. Regardless, all the options above are good choices.
Once you know what you’re looking for, you can go check different options.

2. Ask your friends & Facebook groups

Do you know someone who has lived in Mexico city before? People you know are the most reliable source of information in that case. So ask them for the contact information of their house and they can tell you their firsthand experience with the house.

Also, try Facebook groups like ‘Rooms CDMX’ or similar terms and you will find several options of accommodation to rent in Santiago. But be careful if you pay in advance, there are numerous scams.

You can also come and sleep for a week in a hostel to discover options in person. We’ll be here to help!

Paseo de La Reforma avenue and Angel of Independence Monument - Mexico City room to rent
Rooms, studios and apartments to rent in Mexico City Banner Info Invitados

3. Search with VICO

VICO = Shared Housing (VIviendas COmpartidas). It’s a shared house or apartment. They are multicultural residences with shared common spaces such as a kitchen and living room. VICOs are close to strategic points. They are places to find a new family abroad. So they are ideal for foreigners looking for a friendly atmosphere.

Search on our platform getvico.com or give us your contact details and we will get in touch with several good options for you. We personally visit each of these VICOs, take pictures and collect information about the accommodation to ensure quality and safety.

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