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Uber in Medellín – What you need to know before using Uber in Medellín

Woman holding her phone with a ride sharing app open to book a ride with Uber in Medellin

Uber in Medellín Good service. Direct competition for taxi and undefined legal situation. Registration with cellphone number and credit card. Payment with credit card and cash. Variable rate depending on the demand and supply (on rush hour is expensive). App gives you an estimated rate. Uber arrived to the city of Medellín at the beginning … Read more

EnCicla – The free bike system in Medellín

Encicla free bicycle station in Medellin Colombia with some bicycles parked in front of a park

Move around the city for free and the easiest way thanks to Encicla Public bikes for the city Encicla is the public bike system of the Aburrá Valley, inaugurated on 2011. It is a proposal to position the bike as the sustainable, healthy, eco friendly and economic transport method that it is.For this reason, it is part of the SITVA sustainable … Read more

Metrocable in Medellín – Everything you need to know

Metrocable Medellin Colombia, Public transportation system that transports people in cabins hanged to a cable rope to get through the beautiful green mountains

The Metrocable – one of the most innovative transportation systems in the world. Besides being the only Colombian city with a metro system, Medellín also has other transportation means: Metroplús, Tranvía, Encicla, Buses, and the Metrocable which we develop in this article. As you might have understood, public transportation in Medellín is a big topic … Read more